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The Eye of Zthenganaz, a large gemstone mounted in a gear-like wheel, was, according to legend, crafted by the Dwarves to spy on the Orc strongholds of the early First Era. Few records or oral traditions survive concerning any conflicts or animosity between the Orsimer and the Dwemer, but the legend of the Eye contains a few hints as to what may have happened to it.

One story claims that the Orc shaman, Shlug Curse-Crafter, siezed the Eye in a raid and placed a curse upon it. From that point on, if anyone used the devise to gaze upon distant Orc strongholds with dishonorable intent, they would instead see grotesque visions that would drive them mad.

The Eye disappeared from history when Shlug died, somewhere in the area around the ruins of Rkindaleft.


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