Eyes-of-Steel is an Argonian soldier and member of the Great Moot, the ruling body of the Ebonheart Pact, during the Alliance War. She represents the Saxhleel race in the pact.


Making AmendsEdit

Eyes-of-Steel will ask the Vestige if war makes a person stronger. They can choose to say, "it depends on whether the war is won or lost" or intimidate her, provided they have the perk. If they pick the latter, she will send them to slay Hald Bitterblade and return his head to her. Once the task is completed, she will remark that her opinion of the prince has improved thanks to the Vestige's actions.

Party PlanningEdit


"It's always good to see you, brave one."

Prince Irnskar asked me to speak to you. "War approaches like a storm on the wind and the Prince needs our help. Why should I trust him or his champion? Perhaps some discourse will show me the measure of Irnskar's advocate. Does war make a person stronger?"

That depends on whether the war is won or lost. [?]
[Intimidate] If you won't work with the Prince, just say so. "So impatient! I won't waste any more of your precious time. Actions speak louder than words, anyway. Challenge Hald Bitterblade. He's the Stormfist commander. Find him on the east hill and bring me his head as proof of your victory."

"Ah, the brave and mysterious champion returns. Do you have something for me?"

I defeated the Stormfist commander. "And I see that you brought me his head. Bitterblade was a worthy foe and your efforts on behalf of Prince Irnskar have improved my opinion of him considerably. I shall confer with the Prince and offer my counsel as needed."