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Fa'ren-dar is a Khajiit member of the Thieves Guild who is usually found in the Thieves Den, within the city of Abah's Landing.


Master of HeistsEdit

Heist: Glittering GrottoEdit


Show: Master of Heists
Show: Heist: Glittering Grotto

Fresh tip caught your interest? I know the place. Say the word and we can all be a little richer today.

I'm ready. Take me to the heist.

Glittering Grotto doesn't sound so bad. Nice even.

After arriving in the Glittering Grotto:

Fa'ren-dar can move things from place to place when a boss needs. Goods, coin, people too sometimes. Find me if you have such need, boss.

If a quest is not finished within the given time limit:

Not every job goes according to plan, but that does not mean we need to run off with tails between our legs. You got the goods, Fa'ren-dar will sniff out another buyer soon enough!

Let's get back to the Den.

After returning to the Thieves Den:

Got your latest cut of the profits right here, boss.

Your gem buyer come through? They tried to make a fuss about the traces you left during the job, but Fa're-dar knows the value of a little blackmail to ensure the agreed upon price. Your share, boss. It may not have the beauty of stones, but I find the jingle quite fetching.


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