Fa'ren-dar is a Khajiit member of the Thieves Guild. He is found inside the Thieves Den of Abah's Landing. He is known as the Master of Heists within the guild.


Master of HeistsEdit

Heist: Deadhollow HallsEdit

Heist: Glittering GrottoEdit

Heist: The HideawayEdit

Heist: Secluded SewersEdit

Heist: Underground SepulcherEdit


Show: Master of Heists
Show: Heist: Glittering Grotto

Fresh tip caught your interest? I know the place. Say the word and we can all be a little richer today.

I'm ready. Take me to the heist.

Glittering Grotto doesn't sound so bad. Nice even.

After arriving in the Glittering Grotto:

Fa'ren-dar can move things from place to place when a boss needs. Goods, coin, people too sometimes. Find me if you have such need, boss.

If a quest is not finished within the given time limit:

Not every job goes according to plan, but that does not mean we need to run off with tails between our legs. You got the goods, Fa'ren-dar will sniff out another buyer soon enough!

Let's get back to the Den.

After returning to the Thieves Den:

Got your latest cut of the profits right here, boss.

Your gem buyer come through? They tried to make a fuss about the traces you left during the job, but Fa're-dar knows the value of a little blackmail to ensure the agreed upon price. Your share, boss. It may not have the beauty of stones, but I find the jingle quite fetching.