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Factions in The Elder Scrolls Online, distinct from the three main Alliances, consists of any of the joinable Guilds, and other groups with similar goals, causes or philosophies.

During character customization, players must choose from one of three Alliances; the Aldmeri Dominion, the Daggerfall Covenant, and the Ebonheart Pact. Players are able to join various Guilds, regardless of their Alliance, and these include the Mages Guild, the Fighters Guild, and the Undaunted. The Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood will be added in-game post-launch. Other factions offer quests, but cannot be joined, such as the Great Houses of Morrowind. Many factions can only be interacted with in particular regions, for example the Maulborn in Deshaan, the Bloodthorn Cult in Glenumbra, or the Veiled Heritance in Auridon and other Aldmeri Dominion regions, however, players are able to experience another Alliance's content when they reach level 50, via Veteran Levels.


Mages GuildEdit

The Mages Guild appear in The Elder Scrolls Online. One way to increase reputation with this faction is to search Tamriel for hidden Lore books. Sufficient reputation increase will unlock additional skills, perks and abilities.

Fighters GuildEdit

The Fighters Guild is a joinable faction in this game. One way to increase reputation in this guild is to destroy Dark Anchors of Molag Bal. With enough reputation, new skills and abilities will be unlocked.


The Undaunted is a guild involved in dungeons, and has its own unique skill line.

Thieves GuildEdit

The Thieves Guild is dedicated to the gathering and training of those who are stealthy and shadowy in nature. Although criminal by its very definition, for untold years, local authorities in places throughout Tamriel have tolerated the existence of the guild for its role as "Crime Regulator".

Dark BrotherhoodEdit

The Dark Brotherhood is a guild of professional assassins which historically possessed considerable influence and power but has recently fallen on considerably harder times.

Unplayable FactionsEdit

Agra CrunEdit


A Craglorn faction of ancient Ra Gada, lead by Emperor Tarish-Zi



Alessian OrderEdit

A faction from the First Era that can be encountered in a quest taking the Vestige back to the Battle of Glenumbra Moors.

Altmeri Travel GuildEdit

Written in several books

Arbordawn CultEdit

A group of Falinesti Faithful dedicated to returning Falinesti by force.


Referenced by Sacrilege and Mayhem in the Alik'r.[1]


The name of the wandering tribes of Dunmer, who do not follow the ways of the Tribunal. Ashlander Tribes:

  1. Mabrigash Ashlanders
  2. Ulath Tribe
  3. Vereansu Tribe
  4. Kagesh Clan

Beldama WyrdEdit

A Glenumbra Faction of Witches, originating from the Wyrd Tree at Beldama.

Bitterhand BanditsEdit

A bandit group located in Rivenspire.

Bjoulsae BoysEdit

A bandit group in Bangkorai, and led by Curnard the Generous.[2] The are located in Viridian Watch, Evermore, and Hallin's Stand.[3]

Black DaggersEdit

A Cyrodiil group of bandits.

Blackcaster Mages GuildEdit

A Craglorn faction.

Blackfeather CourtEdit

Group of Crows located in Crow's Wood.

Blackroot ClanEdit

Blacksap RebellionEdit

A group of Bosmer in Cormount seeking to overthrow the rule of Ayrenn. (Grahtwood)

Bleak VeilEdit


A faction of vampires led by the Montclair Family, located in Rivenspire.[4]

Bloody FistsEdit

A Stros M'Kai faction, guarding Port Hunding.[5]

Bloodthorn CultEdit

A collection of Necromancers led by Angof the Gravesinger, and involved in multiple quests in both Betnikh and Glenumbra. Also a group of assassins trying to assassinate King Casimir in Daggerfall.


A Dremora group located in the Dragonstar Arena.

Bloody FistsEdit

A Stros M'Kai faction lead by Headman Bhosek. Members:


Boneshaper ClanEdit

A clan of Reachmen invading The Rift.[6]

Brackenleaf's BriarsEdit

The defenders of the village (and ancient tree) known as Brackenleaf.

The CabalEdit

The group that is responsible for attacking northern Valenwood.

Camoran DynastyEdit

Confirmed to be in the game, and plays a role in the politics of the Aldmeri Dominion.

The CompanionsEdit

A collection of fierce warriors who honored the ways of the original five hundred companions that arrived in Tamriel with their leader, the legendary Ysgramor. Once spread out throughout the provinces, a fraction of the once great army is what remains in Skyrim. The Companions are a well known and respected group, who deal with threats that endanger the lives of the commoners.

Colovian RaidersEdit

A group inhabiting Fardir's Folly.

Crosstree BanditsEdit

The DaggersEdit

Darkfern MercenariesEdit

(Name?) - A group of thugs hired by Canonreeve Oraneth and operating out of elden Hollow.

Dark WitnessesEdit

A clan of Reachmen dedicated to gaining control of the Reach.

Darkvale Trading CosterEdit

Caalorne, in Stonefalls, is a member of this Trading faction.

Dawnmead BanditsEdit

A group inhabiting Dawnmead in Reaper's March.

Deathbringer ClanEdit

A Dremora clan in The Wailing Maw, defending the Anguish Gem. They also appear in the Coldharbour lore book, I was Summoned by a Mortal[7]

Direfrost ClanEdit

A clan residing in Eastmarch.[8]

Dragonstar Caravan CompanyEdit

Drowned Dog PiratesEdit

A group of pirates located in Hew's Bane. TG.

Drublog ClanEdit

A clan of Wood Orcs located in the region of Malabal Tor.

Eagle's TalonEdit

Part of the Dominion's guards.[9]

Ember-Eye SlaversEdit

A group of Slavers that appear around Koeglin Lighthouse in Stormhaven.

Eyes of the QueenEdit

Queen Ayrenn's intelligence service. A notable member of this faction is Razum-dar.

Falinesti FaithfulEdit

A group whose sole purpose is paying homage to the wandering city of Falinesti

First Auridon MarinesEdit

Fists of ThalmorEdit

Foolkillers ClanEdit

A group of Dremora mentioned by the book, I was Summoned by a Mortal.

Frostedge BanditsEdit

Glenmoril WyrdEdit

Gold Coast MercenariesEdit

A mercenary group located at Four Quarry Islet[10]

Gold Coast Trading CompanyEdit

Only known member is Gold Coast Brewmaster in the Baandari Trading Post.

Hands of AlmalexiaEdit

The Hands of Almalexia are servants of the Tribunal member, Almalexia. They can be found primarily in Mournhold, around and inside the Tribunal Temple.

Hidden ArmigersEdit

Hounds of HircineEdit


Hircine worshippers.

House DielEdit

A very minor house that exists in Daggerfall. Hired The Daggers to eliminate Harpies.[11]

Known members:


House DorellEdit

House DresEdit

  • One of the Great Houses of Morrowind.

House HlaaluEdit

  • One of the Great Houses of Morrowind.

House IndorilEdit

House MontclairEdit

A Breton noble house in Rivenspire, originating from Shornhelm. Led by Lady Lleraya Montclair, they are at war with the rulers of Rivenspire, mainly by turning towns, such as Moira's Hope, into Bloodfiends.[4]

House RavenwatchEdit

House RedoranEdit

House Redoran is one of the Great Houses of Morrowind that have joined the Ebonheart Pact.

House TamrithEdit

A Rivenspire faction of Bretons.

House TelvanniEdit

House Telvanni is one of the Great Houses of Morrowind. They are known as the wizard-lords who prefer to pursue wisdom and mastery in solitude. House Telvanni refused to join the Ebonheart Pact, causing inner conflict in the province of Morrowind.

Imperial LegionEdit

Iron OrcsEdit

A group of Orcs residing in Craglorn.

Iron WheelEdit

  • A group of mercenaries originally from Taneth, and now operating in Hew's Bane. Primary antagonists in TG

Jackdaw PiratesEdit

A group of pirates that have overtaken Haven.

Kagesh ClanEdit

Knights of the DragonEdit

Knights of the FlameEdit

Knights of Saint PelinEdit

Legion ZeroEdit

A faction operating in Imperial City (Online)

Lhurgash ClanEdit

A group of Wood Orcs in Greenshade.

Lion GuardEdit

Emeric's Personal Guard. Previously, a Bretonic Knightly Order.

Mabrigash AshlandersEdit

A group of Ashlanders primarily located in the Vale of the Ghost Snake.[12]

Mason's GuildEdit

Gastinus Florus was a member of this association.[13]


Deshaan faction led by Magistrix Vox, and creators of the Llodos Plague.

Merethic SocietyEdit

Led by Endarwe in Rulanyil's Fall, this faction are collectors of lost relics, particularly those "of aesthetic or historic significance."[14]

Midnight UnionEdit

Stormhaven smugglers and bandits.

Mirthless OrderEdit

A former comedic group that can be found in House Dres Crypts in Kragenmoor. They are involved in the quest, This One's a Classic. [15]

Morag TongEdit

Murtag ClanEdit

Oathbound ClanEdit

Located primarily in Malak's Maw, they were hired by King Kurog to create trouble for the Dunmer.[16]

Order of the HourEdit

  • A group of Akatosh worshipers important in the Gold Coast storyline. DB

Pathfinders SocietyEdit

A Wayrest faction, of which Emmanubeth Hurrent, author of Tribes of Murkmire, is part.

Pit RatsEdit

Primeval SeekersEdit

Ra GadaEdit

The "Ra Gada" of Malabal Tor are a faction that appears in Velyn Harbor.

Rageclaw ClanEdit

A Clan of Reachmen.[6]'

Rain DisciplesEdit


Similar to the Forsworn group that exists in the Fourth Era. However at this point in time, they have allied themselves with Molag Bal's forces. They are hostile to both Nords and Bretons.[6] There are three major clans in The Rift, Boneshaper Clan, Rageclaw Clan, and Stonetalon Clan.[18]

Red Rook BanditsEdit

A group of bandits in Glenumbra.

Renrijra MaorEdit

Khajiiti Privateers in Morrowind and Argonia.

Resolute of StendarrEdit

A group of people devoted to Stendarr, and author of several books.

Ring of DaggersEdit

Daggerfall Covenant intelligence network.

Saltwalker MilitiaEdit


Scaled CourtEdit

Sea DrakesEdit

A band of pirates that control the town of Saintsport in Stros M'Kai and are lead by Captain Helane.

Seamount ClanEdit

A Betnikh Clan of Orsimer.

Sea VipersEdit

A collection of Maormer that are allied with the Veiled Heritance to try and overthrow the Aldmeri Dominion. This faction makes multiple appearances in numerous quests and locations in the Aldmeri Dominion Storyline.

Seventh LegionEdit

Particular part of the Imperial Legion, who have taken control of southern Bangkorai.

Shadowed PathEdit

Shadow WalkersEdit


The group of Shadowscales as a group of Assassins. Appear in the region of Shadowfen.

Sharp Stick TribeEdit

A tribe of Goblins that appear on the Gold Coast. DB

Society of the DragonEdit


A faction of warriors located in Dragonstar Arena.

Spirit WardensEdit

A cult of Azura worshippers, residing in Stormhaven. Their headquarters is Moonlit Maw.[19]


A faction residing in Craglorn.

Steel ShrikesEdit

A Redguard faction located in Fuller's Break.[20]

Stonechewer TribeEdit

A tribe of Goblins.

Stonefire CultEdit

Group of Molag Bal worshippers in Reaper's March.

Stonetalon ClanEdit

A clan of Reachmen.[6]

Stormfist ClanEdit

Also known as the Stormfist Brigade. This group is located in Eastmarch.


A group of Bosmer dedicated to the protection of the Sphere of Storms, located in Ilayas Ruins.

Supernal DreamersEdit

A faction dedicated to the worship of Vaermina, and located at Supernal Dreamers Camp. (Stormhaven)

Tamriel GuardEdit

Faction of Guards throughout Tamriel.

The CrownsEdit

They have continued animosity towards the Forebears, but are temporarily working together.

The ForebearsEdit

They have continued animosity towards the Crowns, but are temporarily working together.

The GallantsEdit

A group that resides in Sentinel.

The Naughty NereidsEdit

The ThornsEdit

Group of bandits from Thorn Lodge in Cyrodiil.


A faction that is also involved in the Dominion's politics. Unlike in Skyrim though, this faction contains members from all three races.

Thalmor Diplomatic CorpsEdit

A subset of the Thalmor, this group is charged with maintaining diplomatic relations. [21]

Tharn FamilyEdit

The current ruling family in Cyrodiil. Members include Clivia Tharn, the Empress Regent of Tamriel, and also her father, Elder Council member and Battlemage, Abnur Tharn.

Timberscar TribeEdit

A tribe of Goblins located inside Timberscar Hollow and Urasek Ruins.

Toothmaul TribeEdit

A tribe of Goblins located in Toothmaul Gully in Auridon. They had a contract with the Veiled Heritance, who supplied them with weapons in order to gain their support. [22]

Tree MindersEdit

A type of leader of the Argonian people, this faction is dedicated towards maintaining the Hist.

Ulath TribeEdit

Ashlander tribe in Stonefalls.

Veiled HeritanceEdit

A group of Altmeri Supremacists, dedicated to the overthrow of Queen Ayrenn's rule.

Vereansu TribeEdit

Tribe of Ashlanders located primarily in Muth Gnaar.

Vinedusk RangersEdit

A faction of dedicated Bosmeri. Originating from Vinedusk, and involved in a number of missions throughout the Aldmeri Dominion. Azarath is a member of this faction.[23]

Vosh RakhEdit

Wave WalkersEdit

Wayfarer's SocietyEdit

A group situated in Wayrest, of which Emmanubeth Hurrent is a member.[24]

Withered HandEdit

Necromancer group in Alik'r Desert.


Group of Werewolves in Weeping Wind Cave.

Wooded EyeEdit

Located in Rootwater Grove, Orthenir is the only known member of this clan. They exist to keep Greenshade protected from Daedra.

Wood OrcsEdit

Collective name for several clans of Orsimer in Valenwood, such as the Drublog Clan and the Llurgash.

Worm CultEdit

Also known as Order of the Black Worm. Group led by Mannimarco. They are a Necromancer group and are known to operate at least in Grahtwood,[25] and likely many more regions.



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