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The Bards College, the location of the faction of the same name.

For these groups in other games, see Factions.

Factions are organizations of people with a common goal in Skyrim. The Dragonborn can join several of these factions. Upon joining, specific tasks, known as quests can be administered by a higher-up or leading official of the faction. Each faction has a specific guildhall or headquarters that remains static for the entire storyline, with the exceptions of the Dark Brotherhood and the Blades. Each faction has a clear leader, such as Arch-Mage Savos Aren for the College of Winterhold, Delphine as the Grandmaster of the Blades, and Paarthurnax as the leader of the Greybeards.

Comparisons with other gamesEdit

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was the last Elder Scrolls title to employ the conventional four factions, which were called "Guilds". These factions included the Thieves Guild, the Mages Guild, the Fighters Guild, and the Dark Brotherhood. While Skyrim kept the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood, the Fighters Guild and Mages Guild were exchanged for other similar organizations. Due to the Mages Guild splitting into the Synod and the College of Whispers, the guild could not logically appear in titles set after the Great War. Thus, the College of Winterhold, making its debut in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, appeared as a joinable faction. The Companions is substituted for the Fighters Guild, canonically aligning with Ysgramor and Atmoran lore prevalent long before Skyrim's inception.

The Vampire Clans from The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall and The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind were omitted as well, with a newer adaption surfacing in Skyrim's first plug-in, The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard.

Unlike in Oblivion where each faction had a clear hierarchy of ranks that the Hero could rise through by successfully completing missions, most factions in Skyrim make no such distinctions. For example, the only rank attainable in the College of Winterhold, aside from being a basic student, is that of Arch-Mage. The Stormcloaks and the Imperial legion however, do employ specific ranks. All of these factions can give you a place to stay, like the other games, more or less, and perks to upgrade. 

Perks of joining factionsEdit

F faction armor

Faction-specific armaments from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Most factions grant a special uniform or a set of armor when joined. These items are usually competitive with the types of items found early in the game and can be worn optionally either to reap the bonuses of the items or for role-playing aesthetic. Unique benefits such as becoming a werewolf can only be achieved by joining the right faction.

Most factions provide amenities to the Dragonborn, such as sleeping quarters, containers that never reset for safe item storage, and free access to crafting stations such as Arcane Enchanters and Forges. The Thieves Guild in particular is significant in that it gives the Dragonborn access to fences who will buy stolen goods. Once a member reaches a certain point in the faction's quest line, they can freely take any items from the guild hall.

Certain guild-mates cannot be unlocked as followers or potential spouses unless a given faction is joined. For example, the College of Winterhold has three possible followers and two possible spouses. J'zargo, Onmund, and Brelyna Maryon are all potential college followers, with only Onmund, and Brelyna Maryon being eligible for marriage. The Thieves Guild is the only faction without any members eligible for marriage or as followers.

Because guild members can come and go at any hour of the day, joining a faction is wise for vampires, since there will be an abundance of sleeping guild-mates that can be accessed without breaking and entering, trespassing, or sneaking.

Expulsion and availabilityEdit

Vampire Being Attacked

A vampire being attacked by a guildmate, after she was caught feeding on him.

Factions possess some integral rules. Members cannot steal from, murder, or attack other members of the guild without risking expulsion, arrest, or the faction's members becoming relentlessly hostile toward the Dragonborn. Some will desist if the bounty is cleared.

While most factions can be joined at any time throughout the main storyline, some factions can only be joined for a limited amount of time or are entirely unavailable upon joining another faction. In the former example, the Forsworn can be temporarily aligned with while fleeing Cidhna Mine, similar to the Hero of Kvatch joining the Mythic Dawn to temporarily advance the questline. In the latter example, the Skyrim Civil War has two clear sides: the Imperial Legion and the Stormcloaks. At a certain point within the Civil War questline, one side must be selected to the exclusion of the others; if the Stormcloaks are joined, you can join the Imperial Legion if you give them the Jagged Crown. On the other hand if you join the Dawnguard's vampire hunters or the Volkihar Clan you cannot switch to the other.

List of FactionsEdit


Table of joinable factions in Skyrim
Faction Headquarters Leader Joining condition Inhibition condition
Bards College Bards College Viarmo Tending the Flames
Blades Sky Haven Temple Delphine A Blade in the Dark
Greybeards High Hrothgar Paarthurnax The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller Killing Paarthurnax
College of Winterhold The College of Winterhold Savos Aren First Lessons
The Companions Jorrvaskr Kodlak Whitemane/The Circle Take Up Arms
The Coven of Namira Reachcliff Cave Eola The Taste of Death
House Telvanni Tel Mithryn Neloth Old FriendsDB
Dark Brotherhood Falkreath Sanctuary, Dawnstar Sanctuary Astrid Innocence Lost Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!
Imperial Legion Castle Dour General Tullius Joining the Legion Joining the Stormcloaks
Nightingales Nightingale Hall Nocturnal Trinity Restored
Stormcloaks Palace of the Kings Ulfric Stormcloak Joining the Stormcloaks Joining the Legion
Thieves Guild The Ragged Flagon Mercer Frey A Chance Arrangement
Tribal Orcs Dushnikh Yal, Mor Khazgur, Narzulbur, Largashbur. Chiefs Burguk, Yamarz, Larak & Mauhulakh. By doing quests for each of them, thus becoming Blood-Kin.
Dawnguard Fort Dawnguard Isran DawnguardDG Accept the gift in A New OrderDG
Volkihar Clan Castle Volkihar Harkon Accept the gift in A New OrderDG Refusing the gift in A New OrderDG


Faction Headquarters Leader(s) Notes
Afflicted Bthardamz Orchendor

Have been infected with a special disease by Peryite, thought of as a blessing by them. Can be encountered before Peryite's quest by a Random Encounter in which they are non-hostile. Many are hostile on sight.

Alik'r Coterie Swindler's Den Kematu

Can be sided with during "In My Time of Need".

Anga's Mill Anga's Mill Aeri

Can be helped by chopping wood for them.

Blackblood Marauders Wreck of The Icerunner, Broken Oar Grotto Jaree-Ra

Helped during "Lights Out!". They will always double-cross the Dragonborn.

Battle-Borns House of Clan Battle-Born Olfrid Battle-Born

Can become one through marrying a Battle-Born with cheat codes. Have a feud with the Gray-Manes.

Black-Briars Black-Briar Manor, Mistveil Keep Maven Black-Briar

Bloodline descendants only. Can become rulers of Riften. Associated with Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood.

Blood Horkers Japhet's Folly Haldyn

Several Blood Horkers are encountered at Japhet's Folly during Rise in the East

Darklight Tower Coven Darklight Tower Silvia

Leader is defeated during Repentance.

East Empire Trading Company East Empire Company Warehouse Vittoria Vici

Leader can be murdered during "Bound Until Death".

Elder Council Cyrodiil Emperor Titus Mede II, Amaund Motierre

The Emperor is murdered during the Dark Brotherhood questline because Motierre wants him dead.

Forsworn Cidhna Mine and various camps and forts Madanach

Temporarily joined as possible escape route during "No One Escapes Cidhna Mine". Allied with Hagravens.

Gray-Manes House Gray-Mane Vignar Gray-Mane

Famous clan in Whiterun. They have a rivalry with the Battle-Borns. Later have partial control over Whiterun if the Battle for Whiterun for the Stormcloaks is completed.

Hunters of Hircine None Hircine

Can be helped by killing Sinding or destroyed by siding with him during Ill Met by Moonlight.

Mythic Dawn Silus Vesuius's House Silus Vesuius, Mehrunes Dagon

Daedric cult worshipping Mehrunes Dagon. Vesuius is the only living member in Tamriel, and can be helped by getting Mehrunes Razor for him. They were the cause of the Oblivion crisis.

Glenmoril Witches Glenmoril Coven Unspecified

Can be wiped out as a part of the Companions quest, Blood's Honor.

Penitus Oculatus Penitus Oculatus Outpost Commander Maro

Enemies if joined the Dark Brotherhood. Can be helped during "Destroy the Dark Brotherhood."

Psijic Order Artaeum Quaranir

Associated with the College of Winterhold

Summerset Shadows Uttering Hills Cave Linwe

Rivals of the Thieves Guild.

The Silver-Bloods Markarth Thongvar Silver-Blood

Bloodline descendants only. Supporters of the Stormcloaks.

Silver Hand Various strongholds Krev the Skinner

Rivals of The Circle.

The Synod Imperial City Not specified

Associated with the College of Winterhold.

Thalmor Thalmor Embassy Elenwen

Rivals of the Stormcloaks and the Empire. They are interested in the Civil War as long as there is no winning party. Both a Stormcloak or an Empire victory would be bad for them (Can be joined using console commands).

House Hlaalu/Morag Tong Ashfallow Citadel Vendil Severin

Enemies of House Redoran, they want to assassinate the first councilor Lleril Morvayn. They are killed during Served Cold.

Vigilants of Stendarr Hall of the Vigilant Keeper Carcette

Associated with the Dawnguard. Hunters Of Daedra.

Whiterun Guards Whiterun Guard Barracks Commander Caius

They are their own faction because they are neutral about the war. Can be destroyed during the Stormcloak version of the Battle for Whiterun.

Skaal Skaal Village Fanari Strong-Voice

A peaceful group of Nords living on Solstheim.


  • The Circle and The Nightingales are merely Sub-Factions within The Companions and The Thieves Guild.
  • The Dragonborn is technically a member of the Dawnguard at the beginning of the first quest for the DLC, but they can decide which faction they would prefer to join during "Bloodline".

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