"Skooma? Oh, yeah... Hey! You gave me some skooma! You are so... nice. Oh, yeah... You're such a good... friend."

Faelian quote

Faelian is an Altmer who resides in the Imperial City. He lives in the Tiber Septim Hotel in the Talos Plaza District with his girlfriend, Atraena. He often likes to take walks throughout the Imperial City and frequents Lorkmir's House. According to Atraena, Faelian used to be a fine gentleman until he began his addiction to skooma, which has torn their relationship apart.


The Lonely WandererEdit

Faelian has been marked by the Dark Brotherhood and the Hero is assigned to kill him and make it look like the Brotherhood was not involved.

Like many Dark Brotherhood quests, the Hero may choose to handle Faelian in a way that suits their playstyle. It is possible to bribe him with skooma (he even refers the Hero to a dealer) to earn his trust. Persuading Atraena will give them the location of Lorkmir's house, where it's evident he retreats to use skooma. Alternatively, the Hero can choose to dispose of Faelian in public, or in an un-subtle fashion. This forfeits any bonuses, but fulfills the contract nonetheless.


  • It is heavily implied that Faelien murdered the previous tennant of the house, Lorkmir. Investigating the basement of Lorkmir's house reveals the body of Lorkmir in a pool of blood next to a stray dagger, having been stabbed to death. After earning Faelian's trust, he will admit with a maniacal chuckle: "Lorkmir... He... he ain't around no more he he he hee!"
  • Prior to his skooma addiction, Faelian was a respectable, charming gentleman. His girlfriend, Atraena, concedes that he was a prime specimen before his addiction, but now she shows only pity and remorse for him.
  • Upon further dialogue, Other residents including the proprietor of the Tiber Septim Hotel will also vouch for Faelian's character and blame his decline on Skooma.
  • It is possible (though the chances are very slim) that Faelian will travel to Bravil on his own to seek out Skooma, thanks to Oblivion's Radiant A.I. game engine.