Faerie, also known as Fey, or Sprites, are beings that have lived on Tamriel long before recorded history.[1][2] Their nature is unpredictable and seems to change from one story to the next.[1]

Faerie Chain theoryEdit

The noted scholar Ahrtabazus developed the Fairie Chain theory, in which Fey variants are placed on a hierarchial chain based on similar features and propensities for magicka. This chain begins with Pixies (Whilloki) at one end, followed by elves, then nephrine, with human and semi-human beings in the middle, and the godlike beings such as Gheateus, Chonus, and Sygria at the other end. This hierarchial chain is not an order of command, since the plans and schemes of Faerie are governed simply by their own whim.[1]

Known variantsEdit