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"I call this Shalidor's legacy. The great man himself is the pioneer of this technique."

Fairwen is an Altmer and a Mages Guild teacher located in the Mages Guildhall in Vulkhel Guard.


The following can be overheard from Fairwen at random intervals:

  • "Here you can see the third law of Arcane Pyrodynamics in action. Do not take these laws lightly, class.
  • "Never, I repeat, never attempt to draw magic directly from the environment like this from the field. Disaster will be your only reward."
  • "Don't let this theory of Non-Conjoined Thaumaturgic Vectors throw you. It's really quite simple."
  • "Now I know some of you are wondering why I ban Necromancy in my classroom. Trust me. The smell alone is worth steering clear. "
  • "The system of Inter Evocative Hermetic Harmonic Resonance we still use today was developed during the construction of the Crystal Tower."


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