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"Sometimes things fall off the back of a cart. I find them, clean them up and resell them."
―Falas Selvayn[src]

Falas Selvayn is a Dunmer general goods merchant found periodically at the Ramshackle Trading Post.


He can be found at the outpost between midnight and 6 AM, as indicated by a note affixed to the wall of the shack. He carries a bow called the Glass Bow of the Stag Prince, which bears a unique enchantment.

The area must be entered between midnight and 6 AM, otherwise he will not spawn. He will not appear if the waiting function is used.


  • He is technically always at the shack. The game simply handles this by disabling him when the shack's cell is entered while the current time is not the appropriate time.
  • He is the only one, apart from Hold Guards, to wear a hold guard helmet. It is a Pale Guard's Helmet.
  • In addition, Falas is equipped with a rather good set of mixed ebony and steel plate armor and somewhat rare Daedric arrows, a rather powerful and unusual arsenal for the simple merchant he suggests he is.


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