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"City got attacked once by those damn bandits, come east across the lake, from Faldar's Tooth. They won't be trying that again."
Riften Guard[src]
For other uses, see Faldar's Tooth (Online).
Forticon Faldar's Tooth
Faldar's Tooth
Faldar map
Hold The Rift
Location West of Riften
Type Fort
Sublocations None
Quests Retrieval
Characters None
Enemies Bandits, Wolves

Faldar's Tooth is a fort located in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is occupied by some leveled bandits. Northwest from the major city of Riften. The fort's main use is as a gambling center for wolf fights. There are several caged wolves throughout the fort, all of which are hostile if released. Near the far end of the fort is a cage for the wolf fights, where there are several bandits watching and cheering. There is also a locked bettor's room near the cage with gold to pick up. Dog meat is abundant; the Cook's Journal explains that the fort's chef was forced to use dog meat to feed the other bandits.


Notable lootEdit

  • Proper Lock Design (Lockpicking) - outside at the top of the tower on a table guarded by a bandit chief.
  • The Lunar Lorkhan (Alteration) - top of the same tower on a bookshelf.
  • The Marksmanship Lesson (Archery) - After going through the long hallway with beds in it with two exploding lamps hanging from the ceiling there is a room with a mammoth skull on the wall. The book is in a room to the left of the skull, on a table with some arrows next to the trapped chest.
  • Possible location for The Legend of Red Eagle.
  • Possible location for Silver Hand Stratagem. It can be found at the top of the northernmost of the four towers during the quest "Stealing Plans". The Northern tower is accessible via the Eastern tower.
  • An uncommon, wieldable knife stored on a shelf. It is located inside the kitchen area where plenty of dog meat can be found, (there is a fireplace nearby). The knife is laying on a pile of non-interactive forks and knives, (bottom shelf).





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