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For other uses, see Falion.

Falion's House is a home in Skyrim, on the east side of Morthal.


While his sister Jonna is accepted by the people of Morthal, Falion is looked at with fear and distrust. Falion has delved deep into the mysteries of magic and has become a master of the arts. He has settled in Morthal because he felt drawn to the location and wishes to remain relatively close to the College of Winterhold.

He spends his time in his workshop and is the only person in the realm who knows how to cure vampirism. There is an Arcane Enchanter inside and a grindstone outside, just to the left of the house. Falion's house is cluttered with both superstitious trinkets and genuine implements of magic.

Agni, Falion's foster daughter, lives here along with Falion.

Notable itemsEdit


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