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Falk Firebeard

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Falk Firebeard
Falk Firebeard
Race Nord
Gender Male
Level 12
Class Warrior
Rank Steward
Essential Always
Ref ID 000198c2
Base ID 00013274
"The Jarl is not to be disturbed with common affairs of court. You direct those concerns to me."
―Falk Firebeard[src]

Falk Firebeard is a Nord steward serving and advising Jarl Elisif of Solitude. His duties keep him in the Blue Palace


The Man Who Cried WolfEdit

Traveling to the Blue Palace, the Dragonborn learns that Wolfskull Cave is plagued with creatures. While the Jarl is not overly concerned about this, Falk promises to pay the Dragonborn to purge the cave of its denizens.

The Wolf Queen AwakenedEdit

A short time after the cave has been cleared, Falk sends a Courier with a letter expressing his concern about the Necromancers at Wolfskull Cave and requesting a meeting. At the meeting, he directs the Dragonborn to Styrr who says that Potema must be destroyed in her catacombs.

Purchasing propertyEdit

Falk, as steward, is also responsible for selling the home in Solitude, Proudspire Manor, and all related decorations and upgrades.

Quotes Edit

  • "Do you have business with the court?"
  • "The Jarl is not to be disturbed with common affairs of court. You direct those concerns to me."
  • "Anyone with a stout heart like yours is welcome here."


  • After receiving the side quest "The Man Who Cried Wolf", the Dragonborn can Pickpocket the "Letter from Falk Firebeard" from Falk; it describes the summoning and binding ritual the Dragonborn interrupted at the Wolfskull Cave. This implies that Falk wrote the letter before the Dragonborn was ever sent to Wolfskull, foreseeing the events that unfolded before they took place. However if this letter is pickpocketed it can cause the second part of the quest to malfunction and not allow it to be started.
  • Once the Jarl's favor has been completed, property may be purchased from Falk. Stand on the small end table just behind him and Sybille Stentor, (able to engage the conversation as well as turn around and reach the cupboard on the back wall). This allows the Dragonborn, as soon as they choose to purchase the very expensive Proudspire Manor, (25,000 septims), and Falk states that he is handing over the key, to cancel the conversation and place all of their gold in the cupboard. Exit the cupboard inventory menu and wait for confirmation of having the key and the decoration guide. Activate the cupboard once more and take back the gold. In order for this to work, one must first have at least 25,000 septims when initiating the conversation.
  • He may be called "Firebeard" because of the color of his facial hair.
  • Falk is in a secret relationship with Bryling. He says after the war that he will resign as steward for Elisif and not keep their relationship a secret.
  • Prior to becoming Elisif's steward, Falk was a member of the Companions.


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