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"The City-State of Falcrenth bids you welcome, as does its people..."
Description in Arena

Falkreath otherwise known as Falcrenth, Falcreath[1], or New Falkreath[OOG 1] (in a different iteration) is a city in southern Skyrim. The city is located on the border near Craglorn, Hammerfell and the Jerall Mountains, Cyrodiil.


Falkreath is one of the smaller cities in Skyrim along with Morthal, Dawnstar, and Winterhold as of the Fourth Era. The city has two gates on each side and the Jarl's Longhouse is in the middle of town. The town is well-known for its large cemetery, which is big because of the abundance of war in the specific part of the region[2].


First EraEdit

In the First Era, Falkreath was one of the many kingdoms that made up western Colovia[3].

Second EraEdit

Prior to the Alliance War, soon to be King Kurog gro-Bagrahk of Orsinium was an ambitious man. One of his goals in life was to restore the Orcish Kingdom throughout the Falkreath Hold. However, these dreams were abandoned.[4]

In the Second Era, Falkreath finally became a part of the kingdom of Western Skyrim[5].

Tamriel is in shambles and in need of a new king. In the late second era, Falkreath grew as one of the Colovian Estates under leadership of King Cuhlecain and his trusted general Hjalti Early-Beard otherwise known as Talos or Tiber Septim. This was the beginning of a new age in Tamriel's History.

Third EraEdit

Main article: Falcrenth

During the Imperial Simulacrum, Falkreath was referred as Falcrenth. The Eternal Champion had at one point visited the city in search of a piece of the Staff of Chaos in Skyrim.

During the Oblivion Crisis, the city of Falkreath including Windhelm and Ald'ruhn had been attacked by daedric forces of Mehrunes Dagon.

Fourth EraEdit

Main article: Falkreath (Skyrim)

By the time of the Skyrim Civil War, Falkreath was a part of the Mede Empire along with Markarth, Morthal, and Solitude. The nephew of the former Jarl of Falkreath, Siddgeir, became the Jarl of Falkreath, thus supporting the Empire. The Dark Brotherhood of Skyrim has been said to reside near the city.



  • When Arena was going to be a Tournament based game, Falkreath's team was known as the Dark Shadows.[OOG 2]

By GameEdit



Notice: The following are out-of-game references. They are not found in any in-game books, but can still be considered part of The Elder Scrolls lore and are included for completeness.
  1. Tiber Septim's Sword-Meeting with Cyrus the Restless
  2. Go Blades

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