Falkreath Graveyard is the local graveyard located in Falkreath in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The graveyard encroaches into the town and is large compared to the population.


Most of the graves have worn away, including a memorial statue commemorating Hoag Merkiller and Kjoric the White, who died defending Falkreath from outsiders.

By tradition, the graveyard at Falkreath is the central graveyard for all residents of Falkreath Hold, and the many battles for control over the Hold have provided it with no shortage of graves. In fact it's considered to be a great honor to be buried in the Falkreath graveyard as it's the final resting place for many great warriors and leaders of past.

Because the town has a resident Priest of Arkay, the grave sites are better maintained than in smaller cemeteries, and in many cases, the tombstones have long outlasted the bodies of those they were meant to commemorate.


  • Looking at the gravestones closely, each stone is engraved with 11.11.11. which is the release date of Skyrim.