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Fallowstone Cave

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Cave  Fallowstone Cave
Fallowstone Cave
Hold The Rift
Location Northeast of Riften
Type Cave
Sublocations Giant's Grove
Quests The Cursed Tribe
Enemies Giants, Frostbite Spiders, Bears, Trolls
Location ID See IDs

Fallowstone Cave is a cave in located in The Rift, east of Riften and and slightly northwest of Black-Briar Lodge.

It is the only way to reach the Giant's Grove and part of the Daedric Prince Malacath's quest The Cursed Tribe to lead Chief Yamarz from Largashbur to retake his shrine from a giant.


There is either a Troll and a Cave Bear or two cave bears in the main cavern. If left alone and not two bears, they may attack each other. The troll is much tougher than the bear, but if the Dragonborn adds to the troll's damage (by shooting it with an arrow, for instance), the cave bear may win, in which case it is much more easily dispatched.

An apprentice-locked chest is on a ledge facing the first waterfall. Facing away from the exit to Giant's Grove, take a left to the room with the deer skull on the ground and follow the small exit to the north which leads upwards to the ledges. The chest will be in a small alcove immediately behind the Dragonborn after the first left turn on the ledges. Another chest is located near the fire.

An Orcish Helmet is in an alcove behind the second giant, underwater. After the second ledge dropped off of, on south end of the wall there's a cave surrounded by spider webs with a dead bandit inside, with potions and other items. There are several veins of silver, orichalcum and iron ore along the outer walls of the cave. There are many alchemical ingredients throughout the cave. To the west of the cave and up a hill are an orichalcum and a silver ore vein.


  • When passing by the second giant, followers may attack it, ergo, making it an enemy. The best way to solve this is just running through the cavern as fast as possible, thus forcing the followers to leave the giant alone.
  • If the giant does become an enemy, Chief Yamarz will attack it but one hit from the Dragonborn with a weapon or magic will make him an enemy, yet his dialogue box can still be opened, stopping combat as long as it is opened.
  • If this cave is entered and The Cursed Tribe quest is not active, the cave contains no trolls, but about a dozen cave bears.
  • During The Cursed Tribe, giant paintings can be seen outside Fallowstone Cave resembling their decorative scarification.


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  • Chief Yamarz can get stuck while jumping down the rocks.
  •  PC   Chief Yamarz cannot get past the roots.


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