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Falmer Armor

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Falmer Armor
Falmer armor
Base Armor:
93 (full set) ArmorIcon
48 (full set) WeightIcon
Base Value:
410 (full set) GoldIcon
Class: Heavy Armor
Upgrade Material: Chaurus Chitin
Perk: Steel Smithing or Advanced Armors
ID: -

Falmer Armor is a unique set of heavy armor found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It consists of five pieces in a set: helmet, armor, boots, gauntlets and shield.


Mzinchaleft Depths - The set can be found sitting on a table at the top of a ramp to the right behind a locked dwemer gate. The set respawns in the ruin after some time. The gate which you need to bypass in order to obtain the set, however, is set on Expert, so you may wish to bring a fair number of lockpicks to open the gate.


All pieces can be upgraded with Chaurus Chitin at a workbench.

Originally, the Steel Smithing perk would double the improvement, however with the addition of Dawnguard this has been changed to the Advanced Armors perk. The helmet does not benefit from any smithing perks.

Attributes by pieceEdit

Piece ArmorIcon WeightIcon GoldIcon ID
Falmer Armor 31 20 275 000B83CB
Falmer Boots 12 4 55 000B83CD
Falmer Gauntlets 12 4 55 000B83CF
Falmer Helmet 10 5 25 0004C3CB
Falmer Shield 28 15 10 0005C06C
Total (with shield) 93 48 420
Total (without shield) 65 33 410


Two variants are added with The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. These are:


  • The Falmer Shield has a higher armor rating than the Dwarven Shield, even though the rest of the Dwarven armor set has higher ratings than the Falmer armor set.
  • Even though the Falmer Helmet has no eyeholes (since the Falmer are blind), the Dragonborn can still see while wearing it.

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