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Falmer Blood Elixir

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Artificer (Achievement) Falmer Blood Elixir
0.5 WeightIcon
Base Value:
1 GoldIcon
Heals the caster 1 points.
FormID: 00076F17

Falmer Blood Elixir is a potion in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


This potion is sold by Brynjolf with great hype to distract the crowd during a quest "A Chance Arrangement". He yells out and tells everyone he has a special announcement. It is sold for 20 gold allegedly as a "miracle elixir" for giving oneself "god-like powers"...and a whole one point of health!

Some people in the crowd fall for this scheme, (Haelga being one of them as one is found in her house afterwards). Other people in the crowd can be heard having several comments that can be summed up with "This another one of your scams, isn't it, Brynjolf?", while others can be heard asking if this has anything to do with "snow elves".


  • There are a few bottles on the market stand where Brynjolf is selling it. However, they may not be picked up and they are fixed objects, and cannot be moved in any way.
  • It can be found in Haelga's Bunkhouse, on the nightstand in her bedroom behind the counter. There are no quest-related prerequisites for obtaining it, and as all items in the bunkhouse replenish over time, it is possible to have more than one Falmer Blood Elixir after a certain period of time.


  • Despite being a potion, the description states it "heals the caster", rather than "Restore X health".
  • The fact that Byrnjolf sells this elixir in the false claim of godlike powers, is most likely a reference to snake oil , a term for a fraudulent or unproven medicine.


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