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Falmer Warmonger

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Falmer Warmonger
Basic Info
Soul Size Grand

Falmer Warmongers are a type of Falmer.

They are the highest level Falmer. They are vicious, well armored and skilled in both magic and melee combat. They normally wear a full set of Falmer Hardened Armor or Falmer Heavy Armor. Occasionally their armor set will be a mix of hardened and heavy armor. Due to their armor and magical abilities, it is quite possible that they are considered chieftains in Falmer society.

In combat, they use bows and melee weapons, often honed, as well as Destruction spells such as Ice Spike and Chain Lightning. Warmongers are able to use Healing magic, too. However, the type of spells they use are dictated by the Dragonborn's level.


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