False Accusations is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. A Knight of the Flame claims to have been put in the stocks unjustly. The Vestige needs to convince the constable to release her.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to the constable
  2. Find the Messenger
  3. Talk to Constable Pascal
  4. Talk to the ship Captain
  5. Find The Tava's Bounty Ledger
  6. Talk to Constable Pascal
  7. Talk to Sabyssa the Blacksmith
  8. Search the Constable's House
    1. Defeat the Dremora
    2. Remove Daedric Symbol
  9. Talk to Sabyssa the Blacksmith
  10. Talk to Dame Dabienne
  11. Complete the quest


Dame Dabienne, who's in the stocks in the Town Square, calls out to get the Vestige attention. She is really angry and wants help as the constable has her in the stocks, yet she claims she hasn't committed any crimes. The town was attacked by slavers, and he's accusing her of being involved. However, she is a Knight of the Flame, and was sent here to help the village. A messenger was sent here prior, supporting her claim, but the constable says he hasn't received anything. She tells the Vestige the constable is by the docks.

The docksEdit

Head down to the docks to find the constable and talk to him. He tries to dismiss them as they are busy with the aftermath of the attack by the slavers and what's worse he adds, people they trusted are helping them. He never got a message and that person who claims to be a Knight of the Flame, a brilliant disguise, but he wasn't born yesterday so she is in the stocks. The messenger has apparently been taken captive and never said anything about a message. He can be found in the warehouse if he hasn't been killed, the constable adds.

Follow the marker to the warehouse to find the missing messenger. Outside are a few guards trying to get in but they are put off as the slavers are inside. Head inside and defeat the enemy, then head downstairs and there they'll find the messenger alive and alone. He wants to be untied at once but asking him first will tell them why he came here. He had a message for the constable from Sir Hughes of the Knights of the Flame but it's for his ears only. But by threatening him, he'll say what they want to know, that Dame Dabienne was coming to help them with security and he never got the chance to tell the constable. He promises to inform the constable at once if he is untied.

Go back outside and talk to constable Pascal as he now must be convinced Dame Dabienne isn't a spy. But he says he can't release her yet, as he still thinks she is part of the threat and right now he has to deal with this ship as the slavers are onboard. The captain claims he's not with them but Pascal is certain of the truth. He's not sending any guards to help clear below decks, it's clear it's a trap he adds. The captain needs to turn around and leave, my duty is to the village, not the ship.

Tava's BountyEdit

Offer to talk to the captain and board the ship. Captain Currod, who can be found on the main deck, is very angry as he has never been treated like this in a friendly port. His men are bleeding and are refused help by the constable. When they docked the night before the slavers came in longboats and attacked and many men got killed but they lured the slavers below decks and sealed the hatch. Unfortunately the proof needed is there too, the ledger. That's why he had asked for help from the constable.

Head below deck and fight any enemy if necessary, to find the ledger lying on a table. Take it and return to constable Pascal and show it to him, perhaps now he'll listen to reason. But the constable is still not convinced and now he thinks the blacksmith is involved. He's known her for years, he says so he is not happy about that and he even starts to doubt the Vestige's intentions now and want them to leave. This sounds paranoid but constable Pascal refuses to listen, he has dreams about this, every last detail.

The SmithEdit

Despite what the constable said, go over to the blacksmith's house and talk to her. Tell her the constable is about to arrest her for not opening the forge. She is surprised as she has even cooked him breakfast once in a while, so what in Oblivion's gotten into him? They used to be friends for years and suddenly he broke off, he acted as if she had betrayed him. She mentions that she had seen one of those weird cult members leave his house, the Supernal Dreamers. Maybe they have something to do with this.

Constable Pascal's houseEdit

It's time to investigate the constable's house as it sounds he can be under a curse. It's next door to Sabyssa's blacksmithing, so enter his house and go upstairs. Suddenly flames will appear and a Dremora attacks on site. After defeating him, have a look in the bed to see if there is some proof there, and under the pillow is a Daedric symbol. This must be the reason why he is having nightmares and dreams about others being involved.

Head back to Sabyssa and see if she knows anything about this and she says that almost everyone in town thinks Pascal has been acting strange. A Dremora? Poor Pascal, we need to put an end to all of this wicked accusations he's been making, and release Dame Dabienne from the stocks. She says Pascal will probably have to be restrained so let's go and fix everything, she says.

Town squareEdit

Sabyssa took the evidence found in the constable's house and set things straight around town, the crew of the Tava's Bounty was able to come ashore and get aid and Dame Dabienne was set free, so head over there and have a word with her in the town square. She is happy to be free but her neck hurts like hell, she adds. It seems she'll need to take over the security here in the village as constable Pascal has been put in the stocks, but first it's time for a massage.