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A conjured familiar

For other uses, see Familiar.

The Familiar is a summonable creature found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It has two forms, one can be conjured with Conjure Familiar and Conjure Flaming Familiar, which summons the rarer (and explosive) variant.


The familiar appears in-game as a ghostly wolf. It shares similar stats to the wolf as well as characteristics. The familiar will howl when in a passive situation and follows the Dragonborn until its summoning expires. In combat, it fights by leaping and biting targets one at a time. Like all summoned followers and recruited dogs, it fails to understand the concept of stealth and will blindly charge at the nearest enemy. It is the weakest of summoned followers.


  • The familiar is technically a Daedra, as it can be banished with Banish Daedra.
  • Despite its spectral appearance, the familiar is not considered an undead.
  • It will often be summoned by Novice Conjurers to aid in battle.

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