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"It is said that Fang Lair was originally built by the Dwarves of Kragen. Legend has it that a Great Wyrm drove the Dwarves from their home in the Dragon's Teeth, and took the Lair for itself. I only wish I knew the exact location."
Ria Silmane[src]

Fang Lair is a large, abandoned, Dwemer fortress, and is one of the dungeons the Eternal Champion visits in order to obtain the Staff of Chaos. Infested with hostile creatures, it is located near the Skyrim-Hammerfell border in the northeast of the province of Hammerfell.

The Fang Lair is an ancient ruin that was built by the Dwarves of Kragen. The Dwarves that lived there were forced to abandon it when a dragon attacked the hold. The location of the Lair was then lost in history.


The Fang Lair is an old Dwemer Mine with two levels. The first is very large and filled with dead ends. The second level is small, containing a hallway and a single room in which a piece of the Staff of Chaos is hidden, although it contains Hell Hounds. The area is filled with trenches where the Eternal Champion can hide. While hiding, the champion cannot attack creatures outside of the trenches, but they can attack the champion.




Fang LairEdit

The second part to the second main quest of Arena. Following the successful deciphering of the Elder Scrolls in the Rihad Palace, the Eternal Champion is given the location of the legendary Fang Lair. The Champion now must finish the first part in their ten year journey, and collect the first piece of the Staff of Chaos at whatever cost.



  • Although the Dwemer did not follow a particular religion, there is a temple in the ruins with a possible Daedric shrine in it.
  • The Dwarves of Kragen may have come from the city of Kragenmoor.