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Farangel's Delve: Further Orders

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You're costing us too much coin.

H. is getting tired of the expense of keeping all this cargo in a warehouse. Because you've also been somewhat less than discreet, we don't want you to stay in that hidden cave for much longer. To be honest, we don't think you're doing enough to keep that cave hidden.

Clear out the cargo. Sell it. Quickly. We know how much its worth, so you can make up for your lackluster results by raising that money. We'll be keeping track of the profits. That way, we can both make a profit and get you out of there quicker.

H. is spending too much money on two things: the arena and you. If you can't do this properly, we could easily arrange for your men to end up in the arena.

We'll be waiting to hear about the incredible profits you've amassed.


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