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TESIII Fargoth
Race Bosmer
Gender Male
Level 2
Location Seyda Neen
Class Commoner
Related Quests Fargoth's Ring
Fargoth's Hiding Place
Ref ID fargoth

Fargoth is a Bosmer commoner living in the town of Seyda Neen. Because of the diminutive nature and size of his race, he is frequently shaken down by the Imperial Legion Watch Captain Hrisskar Flat-Foot, who likes to put his possessions in a barrel beside the door leading to the second building of the Census and Excise building.


Fargoth's RingEdit

At the time of the Nerevarine's return, Hrisskar has recently stolen his family's magic ring and put it in the aforementioned barrel. This barrel is generally looted by beginners on their way through the building, although Fargoth will also ask for it to be searched if it hadn't been earlier. If the ring is returned to Fargoth, he will be very happy and will put in a good word for the Nerevarine with Arrille at Arrille's Tradehouse, giving them a discount there.

Fargoth's Hiding PlaceEdit

To start this quest, the Nerevarine can either hear the rumors about Hrisskar's money problems or speak to the captain himself. Hrisskar will say he suspects Fargoth is hiding his money, and suggests that the Nerevarine go to the top of the lighthouse to spy on Fargoth. After waiting until 10 pm, the Bosmer is seen lurking towards a tree stump in the swamp. Once Fargoth leaves, the Nerevarine can check the stump to confirm Hrisskar's suspicion: 300 gold is stashed there, along with the Engraved Ring of Healing from the earlier quest and a journeyman's lockpick.


  • Fargoth is the first NPC seen after leaving the control of the legion 


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