Fargoth's Hiding Place is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Talk to Hrisskar Flat-Foot about his money troubles.
  • Go to the top of the lighthouse and spy on Fargoth until he reveals his hiding place.
  • Retrieve the money and any other items in the tree stump.
  • Go back to Hrisskar Flat-Foot and give him the money.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Listening to rumors from Arrille of Arrille's Tradehouse will lead to the discovery of Hrisskar Flat-Foot's money troubles. One doesn't have to hear these rumors, however, to start the quest. Talk to Hrisskar at the top story of Arrille's Tradehouse in Seyda Neen and ask about his money troubles. Hrisskar will relate that he believes Fargoth has been hiding money from him and will ask that his hiding place be found. He suggests to go to the top of the lighthouse in town at night and spy on him from there. He warns the player not to approach Fargoth during this time.

Go to the top of the lighthouse in town and wait until 10pm and see Fargoth start sneaking towards the tree stump in the swamp. Don't worry about losing him, he carries a torch. Once he leaves the stump go to it and collect the 300 gold, the Engraved Ring of Healing from the earlier quest and a Journeyman's Lockpick.

Return to the trade house and give the 300 gold to Hrisskar. He will give thanks and a reward of 100 gold. Keep the other items found in the tree stump. Alternately, simply keep the gold. He can be given the 300 gold to finish the quest at any time. If Hrisskar is questioned about Fargoth after the quest he will admit he just likes messing with the fellow and that he put Fargoth's ring in that barrel.


  • Until the quest is received from Hrisskar, the tree stump remains empty, (items cannot be placed into it), and Fargoth will never visit it
  • When at the top of the light house, as soon as Fargoth starts to sneak, the player can jump down and he will go into the swamp anyway.
  • If Fargoth is asked about his hiding place, it will lower his disposition with the player by 10 points, even after completing the quest.
  • You can collect all of the items from the tree stump, however it is only necessary to take the gold. If you do not take the ring or the lockpick, then it has no effect on the quest.

Journal entriesEdit

Journal Entry
Hrisskar Flat-Foot asked me to do him a favor. He believes Fargoth has been hiding money from the Imperials, and he'd like to know where it's gone. If I will work for him, he will give me a share of the bounty.
I've agreed to help Hrisskar find the money that Fargoth has been hiding away. I am supposed to keep an eye on him from atop the lighthouse in town, and watch where he goes. Hrisskar believes I should watch him at night. I'm not supposed to approach him at any time. I should then retrace his footsteps and find out where he's hidden the money. When I've found it, I should report back to Hrisskar.
  • Quest accepted
I've found Fargoth's hidden stash. He keeps it in a hollow treestump in a muck pond in town.
Hrisskar was grateful that I found the money that Fargoth had been hiding. He rewarded me with some gold, and told me I could keep anything else I found in the bag besides the money he wanted.
  • Quest complete