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Fargoth's Ring is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Speak to Fargoth about his ring.
  • Give the ring back to Fargoth.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

At the start of the game, before entering the second part of the Census and Excise building, check the barrel beside the door. Inside will be an Engraved Ring of Healing. To be able to complete the quest, this must be done before entering the second building.

Once outside in Seyda Neen, find a blond Bosmer with long hair, this is Fargoth. Talk to him about his ring. He will relate that the Imperial Guard seem to like to shake the Bosmer down every now and then and lately, took a family heirloom during one of their shake downs. The family heirloom would be the Engraved Ring of Healing from the barrel.

The choice is to keep the ring, (though this is ill-advised as it is given back anyway during the next quest, Fargoth's Hiding Place, and the quest can't be completed), or give it back to him. Give it back and he will put in a good word for to Arrille of Arrille's Tradehouse, the only trader in town. This gives a 40+ disposition gain, (better prices) with Arrille and a 50+ disposition gain from Fargoth.

Journal entriesEdit

After speaking to Fargoth about his ring:

I have met a Bosmer named Fargoth who claims the Imperials have stolen a ring of his. He would like it back.

After returning the ring to Fargoth:

I have returned the Engraved Ring of Healing to Fargoth. He was overjoyed to have it back, and promised to mention my name to the trader here in town, Arrille.

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