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Dear Fara,

I watched the sunset, thinking of you again. I've heard rumors of war in Cyrodiil. Some are calling it "The Great War." Alliances are forming and rising up. Mirkalinde told me our dark cousins have united with the Argonians, their own slaves, and the Nords. It must be quite the battle to forge such an uneasy alliance. It's hard to believe as I gaze out upon the beauty of Auridon that such devastation happening in Tamriel. I hope our people stay out of the conflict.

- - - - - - -

Dear Fara,

Time passes by so slowly without you here. Things seem to be changing swiftly. Queen Ayrenn has returned to Auridon. No one is certain where she's been, but she's been speaking of this alliance called the Aldmeri Dominion. Would you believe we're now allies with our woodsy cousins and the Khajiit?

Not all the people here seem happy about it. Sinyon speaks of a group called the Veiled Heritance. It's a shame most of us are so against allying with the outside races.

- - - - - - -

Dear Fara,

I miss you so much. Tenmenye is bustling about the town. Queen Ayrenn is going to stop by Dawnbreak on her way to Firsthold. Ten was telling me how much she misses you and your guidance. She's overwhelmed with preparations, but we're all very excited to see her in our small town.


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