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Edd "Fast Eddie" Theman is a Dunmer Sorcerer. He resides in his house in north-central Balmora while "things cool off a bit in House Telvanni."


Fast Eddie is a Sorcerer, and a Lawman with the Telvanni, for whom he offers quests. He has some House-related grievances with Dratha and Gothren.

Eddie is the only one that can become the Nerevarine's Mouth (spokesperson) if they are a member of House Telvanni.


Edd wears Common Pants, Common Shoes, a Common Shirt and a Common Belt. He fights with an Iron Dagger and carries an Apprentice Lockpick.


Main QuestEdit

Corprus CureEdit

House TelvanniEdit

Recruit a MouthEdit

Ring of EquityEdit

Amulet of UnityEdit


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