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"I'm Fathis Aren, Count Bravil's staff wizard. I can teach you Conjuration... anything to relieve the tedium of castle patronage."
―Fathis Aren[src]

Fathis Aren quote

Fathis Aren is a Dunmer Mages Guild member, who prefers to keep to himself. He resides in Fathis Aren's Tower south of Bravil.

Fathis is an apprentice Conjuration trainer. He wears leveled plate mail (iron cuirass, steel cuirass, etc.) which is not unique at all, considering he is actually a sorcerer, meaning heavy armor is one of his primary skills.


Arrow of ExtricationEdit

He will be aggressive towards the Hero unless he or she has achieved the rank of Arch-Mage in the Mages guild. His tower will be locked unless the key is stolen from his chest (which is on the second floor of the tower). During infiltration of his tower, there will be several Daedra, such as Spider Daedra and Xivilai, so be prepared.


  • He may be related to Savos Aren, Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold until 4E 201, due to his race and last name, as well as his being in the Mages Guild.
  • If he is killed during the Arrow of Extrication and the Hero is part of the Mages Guild, but not the Arch-Mage, they will be suspended from the Mages Guild, even though he attacked first.
  • He is the Bravil Court Wizard, but is somewhat hard to find inside the castle, since his room is guarded.


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