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Fathis Ules is the highest ranking fence for the Thieves Guild. The Hero can sell items to him for up to 1500 GoldIcon. He also spends much of his time in Dul gro-Shug's house, but stolen goods cannot be sold to him while he is there.

Fathis can often be found in or around his home opposite the King and Queen Tavern in the Elven Gardens District. He is also witnessed casually walking around in the Imperial City Market District.


Sins of the FatherEdit

If able to be found in Chorrol, particularly in The Oak and Crosier tavern, Fathis may start this quest by approaching after completing the quest "Legacy Lost."

"Sins of the Father" requires the Hero to recover a sword stolen from Castle Chorrol. After retrieving the sword the Hero has the option of giving the sword to Fathis for a substantial amount of gold or returning the blade to Castle Chorrol. Should the Hero decide to return the blade to the castle, Fathis will remain in Chorrol and forever shun the Hero, and he will be unable to be used as a fence.


  • If the Hero decides to finish the quest by selling the sword back to him for 1000 GoldIcon, it can legally be bought back for 1600 GoldIcon. It still weighs nothing. This saves weight and as it is ebony; it is a good weapon and another will not be needed for a long time.
  • If the Hero buys back the sword, it cannot be given back to the castle.
  • If the Hero brings the sword to the castle, they can no longer trade with him.
  • If the Hero begins the quest Sins of a Father, but never retrieves the sword, Fathis can always reliably and predictably be found at the Oak and Crosier, just like Orrin always being at Castle Anvil. Until you have a higher Mercantile skill yourself, however, it may just be best to use Orrin anyways, since you trade for considerably less with Fathis than you can with Orrin.
  • Fathis Ules is the only NPC with Master Mercantile that can be bartered with.


This section contains bugs related to Fathis Ules. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  •  PC   360   Fathis' travelling and fence behavior can be unusual and unpredictable. For example he may stop offering fence services for no reason, and has also been known to never be in either Chorrol or the Imperial City. The most common, and worst, glitch involves him never leaving Chorrol during the course of Sins of the Father.
  • If in the "Sins of the Father" quest you gave the sword back to Fathis then from here on he will tell you that "Our business is done" and leaves the conversation making it impossible to buy or sell anything from him. Also, if you give the sword back to the original owners and take the shield, he will forever state, "You made your choice, now leave me be" and leaves the conversation. This is especially irksome if you are following the thieves guild quests and have him as a fence but can easily be ignored by just selling to one of your previous fences who will still buy from you.


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