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Fatleg's Drop Off is a tradehouse located in Hla Oad, Morrowind. It appears to be a typical shack from the outside, but concealed beneath a trap door is a secret underground smuggling den operated by the Camonna Tong, a haven for slave trafficking and drug smuggling.


The smuggler Ra'Zhid and trader Trasteve are located on the ground floor of the shack, which is cluttered with crates, barrels, and a chest requiring 75 security to unlock. Five gold can be found on top of a barrel, next to a jug.

Beneath the trap door is a cavern. Llemisa Marys is near the entryway, offering thief-related training and tools. A wooden walkway connects the entry to two side rooms. To the south-west is a storage area containing several crates and barrels full of goods. Dalam Gavyn offers repair services here, in addition to selling his wares. Perien Aurelie is also present, selling a variety of goods (mainly armor and weapons). He stands near an unlocked chest containing 25 gold. To the north-east of Llemisa is another room, containing Relam Arinith and his slave, Rabinna. A short staircase leads to a platform with drillmaster Falvis Tunel, who stands near two unlocked chests containing 25 gold each, and a security skill book, Surfeit of Thieves.

Underneath the walkway is a body of water with a leveled Slaughterfish. Although it appears to be a dead-end, the Nerevarine can swim underwater to the north-west, leading to another area containing three crates. There is a near-complete set of steel armor inside one of them. A drowned corpse can be found beneath the water.




  • Dalam – Armorer supplies, Weapons
  • Perien – Armor, Weapons, Misc.
  • Llemisa – Lockpicks, Probes
  • Trasteve – Armor, Clothing, Ingredients, Potions, Weapons, Misc.

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Notable itemsEdit

The following items can be found in this location:

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(Inside a crate at the end of the underwater passage)




  • 5 Gold (on top of a barrel)
  • 75 Gold (in three unlocked chests containing 25 each)
  • Miscellaneous Items (cups, plates, bottles, etc.)
  • Randomised Items (inside containers/sacks)

Note: The vast majority of the loot at Fatleg's Drop Off can be found inside the numerous containers, including ten weapon crates, four armor crates, and nine arrow barrels.



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