"There's no need to be frightened. Silt striders are very calm creatures, and generations of Dark Elves have used them for travel. Why, I'm the fifth in a line of proud caravaners. Where can I take you today?"
―Faven Thendas[src]

Faven Thendas is a Dunmer caravaner residing in Suran. He offers transportation.


Where does your silt strider go, if I may ask? "Sorry, I forgot that not everyone knows how to tell a silt strider apart. My great creature can take you to Vivec City, Seyda Neen, or Molag Mar. Are you interested in any of these destinations?"


  • "I'm glad an outlander such as yourself is taking interest in silt strider traveling. You'll find it far more reliable than your typical caravan. Where would you like to go today?"
  • "There's much preparation to do for a silt strider journey, but we're just about to leave. Would you care to join us?"