"Dear Fedris has been my loyal servant for a very long time."

Fedris Hler is a Dunmer assassin who resides in the reception area of the Mournhold Temple in Mournhold.


Fedris acts as the chief steward to the goddess Almalexia,[1] who is worshiped at the Mournhold Temple. He is the leader of the Hands of Almalexia.[2]


An Attack on MournholdEdit

Fedris will tell the Nerevarine that a hole has opened in the centre of the Plaza Brindisi Dorom, around the Memorial Statue. They will then be instructed to investigate this hole and the ruins within.

Barilzar's Mazed BandEdit

Fedris will tell the Nerevarine that Almalexia has demanded Barilzar's Mazed Band, an artifact of apparent importance to the god.

The Goblin ArmyEdit

Fedris will inform the Nerevarine that rumors have surfaced that the King of Morrowind, Helseth, has trained a goblin Army, and tasks them with finding and destroying it,






Greeting "'re the one who has recently arrived in Mournhold from Vvardenfell. I was told of your arrival. I understand you had some problems with the Dark Brotherhood. An interesting group...and usually rather effective. I'm surprised you're still alive. Perhaps you have potential, or they sent incompetents. I believe you might be of service to our Lady."
Almalexia "The Lady Almalexia resides here in the High Temple. We in Mournhold all live under her protection."
Barenziah "Hmph...that one has ears everywhere. The people love her. Always have. And she's seemingly stayed out of politics since her return to Mournhold. Make no mistake, though: she knows the score in this town. A savvy old woman to be sure."
Dark Brotherhood "Yes, an interesting group. Effective. Fear and mystery are powerful tools for them. There have been kings that have been rumored to utilize their services, but that is only rumor, of course."
Fedris Hler "I am Fedris Hler. What do you want?"
Gavas Drin "The Lord Archcanon is most likely in his office here at the Temple. Go there if you wish to speak to him."
Gavas Drin (if he is dead) "The Lord Archcanon was found murdered. This crime will not go unpunished."
Hands "They are the servants to our Lady Almalexia. When something must be done in her name, the Hands are her instruments. They are the strongest, most pious, and most loyal of all the Lady's followers."
Helseth "Our new young king. He is ruthless, and not foolish, as some would have you believe. He has some of his mother's political savvy, and he has all of his father's ruthlessness."
Helseth (if he is dead) "I'm surprised the king has been killed. He seemed like the careful sort."
High Ordinators "Perhaps you've seen Ordinators on Vvardenfell. Fierce warriors, all. They were the men judged unfit to serve in our Lady's city. The High Ordinators are the strongest warriors in all of Morrowind. They protect the Temple and the city against all threats. Do not cross them."
King Llethan's death "Who can doubt that Helseth is responsible for Athyn Llethan's death? Though out of fear, few will speak openly, I think you'll find most Dunmer in Mournhold are convinced that Llethan was killed to make way for the Helseth. Of course, I doubt that it could be proven. Helseth is too clever for that. But no one can doubt the truth of the matter."
Royal Guard "They're Helseth's personal guard. Handpicked by the young king, and all loyal to him to the death. They're led by Tienius Delitian, an Imperial who followed Helseth back from Wayrest."
service to our Lady "I am always aware of those who might be able to serve our Lady Almalexia. Few are worthy to do so. The Temple and the city is guarded by the High Ordinators, and the Hands fulfill other duties for the Lady. I am her Chief Steward, Fedris Hler. Now, if you wish to be of use, we have some matters to discuss."
Talen Vandas "Yes, I knew the young man. I also know he met an unfortunate end. Seems to me a great number of this new king's rivals have met with unfortunate ends. Quite a coincidence, don't you think?"
Tienius Delitian "That's Helseth's captain of the guards. He's a shrewd one, worthy of respect."
Tienius Delitian (if he is dead) "I heard Captain Delitian had been murdered. A shame. I would have liked to have known that man better."

The Goblin ArmyEdit

matters to discuss "Perhaps you have already met young King Hlaalu Helseth. A foul man, unworthy to sit on a throne. Still, he holds right of succession. The Lady must keep an ever-watchful eye on this King, though, lest he do something that would be detrimental to the Temple, our fair city, or perhaps all of Morrowind. Currently, there are concerns about some new recruits that Helseth seems to be training."
new recruits "A standing army is nothing new in the city, though it is largely unnecessary. Mournhold is protected by her walls from the outside, and by our Lady Almalexia from within. None would dare mount an attack here. Still, tradition dictates that the king maintain an army. We believe that Helseth is raising quite a different sort of army...a goblin army."

goblin army "Foul, vicious creatures. No wonder Helseth has chosen them to be his footsoldiers. I know that the goblins are being trained nearby, though not where, exactly. Ask around the city about goblins. Someone will know. I wish for you to find the location of goblin training area. When you do, kill the warchiefs--there should be two. Sever the head of this army, and the rest will shatter like a scrib. You might rid the city of their two Altmer trainers, as well. Complete this task, and the Lady will be pleased."
Greeting "Well, what's the status with the goblin army? Have you taken care of it yet?"
Altmer trainers "Traditionally, the Altmer have used the goblins to reinforce their armies. Why, I do not know. Rumor has it that Helseth has contracted two Altmer to train his goblin army. If you find these Altmer, it would be a service to rid the city of them as well."
Altmer trainers "You're to get rid of the two Altmer trainers if you can."
goblin army (if the goblin warchiefs are still alive) "You've not completed your task yet? Perhaps you are worthless, after all. Speak to me when you've actually accomplished something."
goblins "Miserable, horrid creatures. They're vile and viscious. They vary in size from smaller than a Bosmer to larger than a Nord. Some are mindless animals; others have learned the ways of magic. You'll often see them with trained Durzogs, another filthy creature."
Durzogs "Frightening creatures. Possibly even more intelligent than their goblin handlers. You might hear them referred to as "sludgepuppies," but don't let that name fool you. They're strong, smart, and often well-trained creatures. The goblins use them on patrols to hunt down their victims."
new recruits "As I said, a goblin army."
goblin army (after killing the two warchiefs, but both Armion and Yarnar still alive) "You've gotten rid of the goblin warchiefs? Excellent. I'm certain the army itself will scatter over the next few weeks. Our Lady will be pleased. A shame you weren't able to find the Altmer training them, but what can one expect from such as you.... Still, the Lady would wish for you to be rewarded. Take this."
Greeting "It's you again. I suppose you wish to be of further service to our Lady?"
Altmer trainer (after killing Armion OR Yarnar) "I understand you've killed one of them. Good work."
goblin army "From all accounts, we won't have to worry about that any longer."
goblin army (after killing the two warchiefs, and both Armion and Yarnar) "You've killed the warchiefs and their Altmer trainers? And you live to tell the tale...interesting. And surprising. Perhaps I've underestimated you, [PC Name]. Rest assured, it won't happen again. Take this as a token of our Lady's appreciation. Well done."
Greeting "It's you again. I suppose you wish to be of further service to our Lady?"
Altmer trainer "I have heard you've killed both of them. This will please the Lady."
goblin army "From all accounts, we won't have to worry about that any longer."


  • "Almalexia be praised, sera."
  • " again. You wish to be of further service to our Lady?"
  • "Our city is under attack! The Ordinators have been mobilized."
  • "The ashstorms are a nuisance, but it is as our Lady wishes."
  • "The Lady is gone...perhaps I can be of service to you?"


  • The bodily features of Fedris are identical to that of Jiub, the prisoner who is encountered by the Nerevarine at the beginning of the game.



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