"You've come to me at the right time, friend. The last wagons to arrive before all this trouble began filled my bins with goods, and much of it is still fresh! I'm sure I've got something you'll like."
―Felyx Vienne[src]

Felyx Vienne is a Breton grocer working at the Last Chance Station stall, within the Gateside Market in Dragonstar.


  • "I know, I know. Who can eat fresh meals out here in the wastes? But you know what? Even boot-leather tastes good when cooked with the right spices. I think you'll like what I've got in stock."
  • "There's nothing but brambles and poison berries out there in the crags, friend. If you need quality provisions, I'm the Breton to talk to."
  • "Please behave yourself around the Caravan Company guards. They're more ornery than usual, what with all the Iron Orc trouble and everything."