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Two female humans.
The one on the left is at the age of sexual maturity,
while the right one is at the prepubescent stage.

Phenotypically, females are organisms outfitted with internal sexual organs. Mammalian females carry offspring within their wombs, while reptilian females lay eggs. Procreation of many mammalian species, especially humans, requires the sexual unification of a female with a male. In regards to sexual dimorphism, females are typically shorter and less physically robust, although exceptions exist. Culturally, females are attributed with less physically strenuous labor.

In The Elder Scrolls, each of the ten playable races contains a male and female sex. Generally, selecting the sex as female grants a slight decrease to Strength, offset by an increase to Intelligence and Personality.

Social structureEdit

In terms of governance, females can potentially become rulers, such as countesses, jarls, or empresses. Dowagers of deceased rulers can inherit political offices as well, although they are more likely to be given to male heirs instead.

Differences by raceEdit


In Skyrim and High Rock, giants roam the tundra, herding their mammoths. Female giants are required to carry on the species, through sexual reproduction, and are referred to as Giantesses.


For each modern race of Tamriel, males are taller than their female counterparts. However for Bosmer, this is reversed.

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