"Welcome to the Hlaalu Treasury"
―Fenus Thirano[src]

Fennus Thirano is a Dunmer banker working at the Uveran Bank in Davon's Watch.


What is this building? "This is House Hlaalu's Treasury, Davon's Watch branch. We securely store any items or money you wish to entrust to us."

Do I have to return here to get my items? "By Vivec, no! What a bother that would be. No, you can recover your stored items or gold at any treasury in the Ebonheart Pact. There's a branch in the largest city of every province."
Have you ever been robbed? "We operate under the protection of the living gods: Almalexia, Vivec, and Sotha Sil. No one takes anything from our care without permission."
Do I have to pay for your services? "You can buy additional storage space, but we don't charge to store your possessions. Maybe they'd try that sort of racket in the Covenant. The Tribunal Temple won't allow it in our lands."


  • "How can I help you?"
  • "Your valuables are safe with us."
  • "Would you care to make a deposit?"