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Feral Vampire

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Feral Vampire
Feral Vampire
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Feral Vampire is an enemy encountered in the undercroft of Castle Volkihar during the quest Chasing Echoes.


Due to unknown circumstances, the Feral Vampire was exiled from Castle Volkihar. She retreated into the Undercroft and eventually took control of the Death Hounds there as an act of revenge.


Chasing EchoesEdit

When the Dragonborn travels to the undercroft with Serana, the Feral Vampire will attack together with her Death Hounds.

She carries a Journal Fragment.

Bugs Edit

  •  360   There is a glitch where if the Dragonborn is a werewolf and waits too long to kill her, a message will appear saying vampiric powers recede as the Dragonborn feeds, and will gain the powers and negative effects of being a vampire. Still nobody will recognize the Dragonborn as a vampire and is still considered a werewolf.

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