"Place? Not place? Here. Not here? Welcome to the Grove of Madness, stranger. Or go away. Who knows? Time will tell."
―Ferul Ravel[src]

Ferul Ravel quote

Ferul Ravel is a Dunmer savant and a devout follower of the Daedra Prince Sheogorath, having abandoned all traces of sanity in order to serve him more closely.


Appropriately, the Dunmer is the leader of the worshippers at the Shrine of Sheogorath, which they like to refer to as the "Grove of Madness." The Hero can speak to him in order to find out what Sheogorath requires as an offering.


Ferul wears White Mage's Robes, Iron Boots, and a Fur Helmet. Additionally, he also carries an Iron Dagger.


Sheogorath's ShrineEdit


  • "Killed and ate a Bosmer there. But it made me sick. Saw Lord Sheogorath in the vomitus, so that's all right. Here to sacrifice? A limb would be nice." —Shrine
  • "Then you should run along. Fly, fly! Take off, now. Scat! Make tracks. Get going. Run for your life. And have a nice day!" —End conversation
  • "Then approach the shrine. Of course, he won't appear. Because it's not raining. He loves the rain." —Asking to speak to Sheogorath when it isn't raining
  • "Then approach the shrine. He might appear. Because it's raining. He loves the rain. Because it's wet. Or because it's rainy. Not so sure." —Asking to speak to Sheogorath when it is raining
  • "You've spoken to the Madgod. Joy of joys! Are you elated? Excited? Aroused? Blessed are you. Blessed is he!" —After speaking with Sheogorath
  • "You've pleased the Madgod! You must be proud of yourself. I, for one, still would like to eat your eyes. But, good for you!" —Upon quest completion:
  • "And you'll need an offering. I think a lesser soul gem, a head of lettuce, and some yarn will do the trick. Yes. That's what Sheogorath wants." —When asking to speak to Sheogorath, whether it is raining or not