Feyne Vildan is a Dunmer found at the Percolating Mire. She is married to the Argonian Ja-Reet.


Originally from Narsis, Feyne Vildan was none other than the daughter of an Overseer who, as many Dunmer before the Pact, owned Argonian slaves.[1]

These Argonians were blessed with a clutch of eggs, and the Overseer has offered the father the chance to send their spawn to Black Marsh, where they could hatch under the Hist protection. Not accepting this proposition, the eggs would give life to Ja-Reet, who would eventually become a slave.[2]

Feyne and Ja-Reet started to become fond of each other, and fell in love, to the rage of her father, who confronted the Argonian with no success of splitting the couple.[2]

Ja-Reet understood he was different for having been born away from the Hist, and contacted Tree-Minder Fal-Xoc, who offered herself to help him if he went to Percolating Mire, where she lived.[3]

Feyne was hesitant about going to Black Marsh, but accepted in the name of her love, though she knew life would be hard among those who have been enslaved by mer like her father.[3][2]

In ShadowfenEdit

Life in Shadowfen didn't start well for Feyne, as the house prepared for Ja-Reet didn't have a bed for her, and she was usually referred as his "friend," as a way of not recognizing the Dunmer-Argonian marriage.[3]

During the war between alliances, the Aldmeri Dominion landed in Shadowfen, leaving her to be worried, since Perolating Mire did had its brave villagers, but yet unarmed and unprepared for such a huge attack.[3]

Having to stay due her husband's effort, Feyne saw herself almost losing the love of her life during the events of Into the Mire and desperate during Clarity about the effects of the Dominion assault into her husband, having to rely on Tree-Minder Fal-Xoc's guidance, even after a harsh argument.[4]


Into the MireEdit

Dominion troops invaded Feyne Vildan's village, trapping her husband and the other villagers. Whatever the soldiers are doing in Percolating Mire, they must be stopped.


Feyne Vildan's husband Ja-Reet won't speak since his ordeal with the Dominion. I must find a way to heal him.