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"Ain't nobody high and mighty in these halls, exceptin' the Jarl. And don't you forget!"


Fianna is a Breton maid in Whiterun who performs menial chores around Dragonsreach. She seems to hold the Jarl, Balgruuf the Greater, in high esteem.


Fianna is very serious about her cleaning as she scolds the Dragonborn, telling them not to track their dirty boots on the floor. She clearly does not get much sleep, though, as she has dark spots under her eyes and they are red.


  • "Don't you go trackin' your dirty boots on my clean floor!"
  • "Soldiers! They're everywhere these days. And not a one of them knows how to pick up after themselves."
  • "Yeah? What?"
  • "Please! Have mercy... I beg you..." ―During "Battle for Whiterun" for the Stormcloaks.


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