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"Join the Guild. You won't regret it."
―Fighters Guild Porter[src]
FG Porter quote

Fighters Guild Porters are generic members of the Fighters Guild. There is one porter in each guildhall across Cyrodiil, each one equipped with a set of steel armor (excluding the helmet) and a steel longsword.


The Porter will follow the Hero around the room of the guild hall. Aside from short conversations, each porter offers repair services to Fighters Guild members with the exception of the Chorrol Porter. The Chorrol Porter is the only Imperial of the group, the rest are all Breton.

Fighters GuildsEdit

City Race Gender Level Class Ref ID/
Base ID
Anvil Fighters Guild Breton Male 30 Knight 000947AA
Fighters Guild Porter - Anvil
Bravil Fighters Guild Breton Male 30 Knight 000947AB
Fighters Guild Porter Bravil
Bruma Fighters Guild Breton Male 30 Knight 000947AC
Fighters Guild Porter Bruma
Cheydinhal Fighters Guild Breton Male 30 Knight 000947AD
Fighters Guild Porter Cheydinhal
Chorrol Fighters Guild Imperial Male 30 Knight 000947A9
Fighters Guild Porter Chorrol
Leyawiin Fighters Guild Breton Male 30 Knight 000947AE
Fighters Guild Porter Leyawiin
Skingrad Fighters Guild Breton Male 30 Knight 000947AF
Fighters Guild Porter Skingrad


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