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"True, I may look the part of a dashing swordsman, but I prefer the art of wit to that of warfare."


Fihada is a Redguard and the shopkeeper of the Fletcher in Solitude.


Fihada can be asked for "some arrows that can take down a dragon," to which he sarcastically responds wondering whether the Dragonborn would also like a bow that shoots rainbows or a quiver that dispenses beer.



Fihada: "How's it coming there, Jawanan?"
Jawanan: "Slow, but looking good, sir."
Fihada: "Slow's the only way to do it! Work too hard and you'll warp the wood."

Jawanan: "Fihada, where did you learn how to make bows so well?"
Fihada: "The same place I learned my charm and quick wits; I used to be an Imperial ranger, my boy!"
Jawanan: "Wish I could learn some of that charm. I'm just good with bows, not people."
Fihada: "You'd make a better Imperial ranger than me. I may have charmed the locals, but my fellow soldiers hated my waggling tongue."


  • "A sharp mind beats a sharp blade any day. Words to live by."
  • "Why of course. And will you also be needing the bow that shoots rainbows? Or perhaps a quiver that dispenses beer?"
  • "Your typical Solitude wench is like the city itself. Stormy exterior, but ah the charms that lie within..."


  • If Fihada dies, Jawanan will take over running the store, and will offer the same merchant services as his predecessor Fihada did.
  • Although Fihada never says the following line of dialogue in-game, it was still recorded: "Please. You're in the presence of a born huntsman. I can hear the sweat sliding down your forehead."[1]