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0:34 What about a PTS for console players? 1:05 How will Veteran Rank gear change when Veteran Ranks are removed? 2:02 With the removal of Veteran Ranks, will old item sets scale? 3:27 How big is the Gold Coast (Dark Brotherhood)? 4:40 Will the Dark Brotherhood DLC have its own skill line like Thieves Guild? 5:13 Is there stuff to do in Dark Brotherhood without having to murder? 5:44 What details can you share about the Blade of Woe (Dark Brotherhood)? 6:22 Will there be more lore about the Shadowscales in Dark Brotherhood? 7:05 What are the mechanics of Poison-Making? How does it work? 8:04 Any chance we'll see PVP added to the Justice System? 9:33 If you play a race with an innate resistance to poison, will that impact player-made poisons in PVP? 10:21 How much stuff can I stuff in the Craft Bag? 11:34 Will we ever see smaller-scale PVP in ESO? 12:08 Any details you can share about guild or personal housing in ESO? 12:42 With Veteran Rank removal, how will Veteran Zones and Craglorn be handled? 13:22 What are the plans for Stamina balance changes? 14:04 Can you use poisons and potions at the same time? 14:31 Any unique execution animations/options in Dark Brotherhood for Vampire and Werewolf players? 15:21 Any new player interactions (PVE, PVP) coming with Dark Brotherhood? 16:10 Will we ever be able to dye costumes? 16:38 Are you aware that some Xbox One players have issues getting monthly ESO Plus crown allotments? 17:09 Can tell us about your plans for ESO in Q3 and Q4 2016? 17:55 How is crafting going to work with the removal of Veteran Ranks? 18:35 Will existing Alchemy reagents be used for Poison-Making? 18:51 Are any additional passives being added to Alchemy for Poison-Making? 19:00 Do you poison your weapon like in Skyrim? 19:22 How do poisons work when equipped? 20:19 When we kill someone for the Dark Brotherhood, do we have to use the Blade of Woe? 21:04 What considerations are there for tuning down dungeon difficulty? 22:09 What happens to my Craft Bag items if my ESO Plus membership expires? 22:50 What are your thoughts on the Vicious Death item set? 23:31 Do you have anything like the Vicious Death item set planned for Stamina builds? 23:48 Have you considered allowing players to scale down to content so they can still gain XP? 24:46 When is zone text chat coming to consoles? 25:10 How will the Imperial City District Capture system work? 25:43 Any plans currently to introduce more playable races in ESO? 26:04 When developing new content, do you draw inspiration from what other MMORPGs are doing? 27:31 Do some of the Dark Brotherhood quests challenge players to come up with new ways to complete them? 28:13 With the Dark Brotherhood update, can you use the Blade of Woe to assassinate others in PVP? 28:36 Will there be any more Daedric-themed crafting styles? 29:37 Will we be seeing our friends in the Morag Tong again? 30:10 Do you plan to address the map inconsistencies between ESO and previous Elder Scrolls games? 31:46 Will we ever see any new Daedric-themed content in ESO? 32:28 Any chance we'll one day see Snow Elves or Dwarves as non-playable races in ESO? 32:41 With new content releases, how do you go about syncing up the music with the gameplay and areas? 33:58 Any plans to do anything with Whiterun in ESO? 34:30 What are you doing to address Cyrodiil performance issues? 37:23 Will the Nightingales ever be in ESO? 37:45 Will Craglorn dungeons ever be added to the Group Finder? 38:08 Will we ever see any inhabitants of Akavir in ESO? 38:51 When is Dark Brotherhood coming out on consoles? 39:20 How will the removal of Veteran Ranks impact Cyrodiil campaigns? 40:02 Will you be releasing any new types of mounts? 40:58 Can we expect to see quests to get more mystical weapons of legend? 41:51 Will you add more Veteran dungeons? 42:50 Any plans to adjust the Maelstrom Arena item drop rates? 43:13 Why is there no native in-game voice chat for PC/Mac? 44:25 What are the new hats in ESO? 44:53 How will the character appearance re-customization tools work? 45:39 Can you tell us more about the balance changes you're making to ICP and WGT? 46:59 Can you shed some light on the Trait changes in Dark Brotherhood? 47:50 Will we ever have more armor options for our mounts in ESO? 48:13 Will we ever see unarmed combat or spear skill lines in ESO? 49:05 Will we ever see cross-platform play for ESO? 49:44 Will you ever introduce combat pets? 50:08 Will we finally see the animation cancelling improvements with Dark Brotherhood? 51:32 Have you adjusted battle leveling in Cyrodiil for the Dark Brotherhood update? 52:00 Why doesn't my Imperial horse blink? 52:30 Any plans to add training dummies to ESO for build and DPS testing? 54:08 Any plans to re-approach jewelry-crafting and Spellcrafting in ESO? 54:43 Will you do forces Skill Point resets again? And if so, can we opt in or opt out of it?

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