Filnjar is a Nord blacksmith who resides at his house in the town of Shor's Stone, which he appears to be the unofficial community leader of.


Mine or YoursEdit

Filnjar tasks the Dragonborn with clearing Redbelly Mine of frostbite spiders.

Truth Ore ConsequencesEdit

Filnjar is the target for Hafjorg's delivery to Shor's Stone.

Hired MuscleEdit

It is possible for Farkas may ask the Dragonborn to intimidate Filnjar by starting a fist fight with him to teach him a lesson, until he yields to them.


Filnjar becomes a candidate for marriage if the quest "Mine or Yours" is completed.



His smithy has leveled weapons and armors for sale, as well as materials commonly used in smithing, such as ingots.



Odfel: "You think living with Grogmar is easy? Did you see how he lives?"
Filnjar: "You two will just have to learn how to get along until we can build you another house."
Odfel: "At this rate that'll never happen."
Filnjar: "Quit your bellyaching. We've all got our problems."


Grogmar: "I've been cracking rock ever since I've been able to hold a pickaxe and I'm telling you, this mine is drying up."
Filnjar: "And I'm telling you, you're wrong."
Grogmar: "What makes you so sure? What if I'm right?"
Filnjar: "I know there's ore still in there, I can smell it. You think you're right, you can pack up and leave any time you like."