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Forgive me, Ysolda. You told me not to join the Scaled Court, but we needed the gold. You saw them for what they were, but I was fooled by their lofty words and promises. I thought I was lucky. How could I be so wrong?

They knew what this place was. They knew when they sent us in here. Now I see that we were chosen not because we were trusted, as they said, but because we were expendable.

Everyone else is dead. Or worse. Mikhail and I tried to flee, but that thing sees everything in this place. Those burning eyes find you wherever you go.

I saw it take Mikhail. Saw it shrivel him until he was nothing but bone. And then those bones walked away. He never even looked back.

I don't know why I'm still alive. Maybe it's watching, savoring my fear. I broke my leg and can't climb back up the ladder. I'll die here.

Maybe I'll die in peace. Maybe I'll die naturally. If that's what happens, then maybe I am the lucky one.


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