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Find Brother Nads is a Thieves Guild quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Gentleman Jim Stacey in Simine Fralinie: Bookseller in the Vivec City, Foreign Quarter.
  2. Go to the Elven Nations Cornerclub in the Vivec City, Hlaalu Canton and ask about Nads Tharen.
  3. Talk to Sovali Uvayn to find out that Arvama Rathri spoke to Nads.
  4. Talk to Gadela Andus to find out that Nads lives in St. Delyn Canal South-Two.
  5. Find Nads' body and take his key.
  6. (Optional) Kill Arvama Rathri.
  7. Return to Gentleman Jim Stacey to complete the quest.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Jim can be found in Simine Fralinie's Bookshop tucked away in Vivec's Foreign Quarter Canalworks, East section. To make matters further complicated, he is behind a well locked (65) door at the back of the shop. He will start giving the Nerevarine quests once they reached the rank of Captain or higher in the guild.

Jim's first job for the them is to find a fellow guild member Nads Tharen who used to hang out at the Elven Nations Cornerclub in the Hlaalu Compound here in Vivec. If it turns out that he is dead, you are to return his key to Jim. The Hlaalu Compound is just South West of the Foreign Quarter and the Cornerclub is on the Plaza and Waistworks levels. Most people in the bar don't know anything about Nads, but Sovali Uvayn knows a few things. Evidently Arvama Rathri spoke with Nads the last time he was in here, though Sovali isn't sure where Arvama can be found (though she says Gadela might be able to help you). Though Gadela (behind the bar) won't tell you anything about Arvama, she will tell you that Nads lives in St. Delyn Canalworks, South-Two when you ask about him (you may need to persuade her a bit to get this information).

St. Delyn is just South East of the Hlaalu Canton and South-Two CanalWorks is on the bottom of the South side. Inside you'll find Nads' corpse in the middle of a wrecked home. Take his key from his corpse and anything else you might take a liking to. Return to Jim for a reward of 500 gold. Note that if you happen to 'accidentally' kill Arvama, your reward in the end is doubled.


  • 500 GoldIcon
  • 1000 GoldIcon if Arvama Rathri is killed


Find Brother Nads
IDJournal Entry
10Gentleman Jim Stacey asked me to find out what happened to a fellow thief, Nads Tharen, who was going to deliver a key to us. Nads Tharen used to hang out at the Elven Nations Cornerclub. I must find out what happened to him and bring back the key he was supposed to deliver.
  • Quest accepted
20I was told that Nads Tharen spoke with Arvama Rathri the last time he was in the Elven Nations Cornerclub.
25I was told that Nads Tharen lives in the St. Delyn Canalworks South-Two.
40I was told that Arvama Rathri lives in the St. Delyn Canalworks South-Two.
50Arvama Rathri told me that she has never spoken with Nads Tharen.
100Finishes quest Gentleman Jim Stacey thanked me for returning Nads Tharen's key.
  • Quest complete
110Gentleman Jim Stacey thanked me for returning Nads Tharen's key and avenging his murderer, Arvama Rathri.
  • Quest complete

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