Find the Heir is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Now that the Amulet of Kings has been delivered to Jauffre, the Hero must find the only remaining heir to the throne, a priest named Martin. Jauffre says that he is currently the priest at the chapel in Kvatch.


Once at Kvatch, the city will be found in ruins. In front of the entrance is an Oblivion gate. Hirtel, will say that Kvatch was destroyed by Daedra, and Martin is presumed to be dead. Some barricades and a few soldiers, including the Captain of the Kvatch Guard, Savlian Matius are in front of the Oblivion gate. He reveals that Martin is safe inside the chapel with a few remaining survivors.

Go into Daedra-infested Kvatch to the Chapel of Akatosh, and find him. However, he will not leave and let everyone else fend for themselves. Speak to Matius again. It becomes clear that the Oblivion gate must be destroyed to save Martin and the other survivors.

Inside the Oblivion GateEdit

See Breaking the Siege of Kvatch

Returning to realityEdit

Once the gate has been closed, speak to Matius and he'll give the all clear to evacuate the Chapel of Akatosh for safety outside the city. Speak to Martin and he'll follow the Hero outside Kvatch. If he is not spoken to, he will leave the chapel and must be found at the base camp. After speaking to him, bring him back to Jauffre at Weynon Priory.


Journal Entry
  • Update: After speaking to Jauffre in Weynon Priory:

Jauffre told me that the Emperor has an illegitimate son named Martin who is currently serving as a priest in the Chapel of Akatosh in the city of Kvatch. I must proceed to Kvatch at once and bring Martin safely back to Weynon Priory.

  • Update: After speaking to Savlian Matius outside Kvatch:

Savlian Matius told me that he believes Martin is with a group that barricaded themselves within the Chapel of Akatosh inside the city. I need to follow his instructions in order to break the siege of Kvatch and rescue the survivors.

  • Update: After speaking to Martin inside Kvatch's Chapel of Akatosh:

I have found Martin among the survivors inside the Chapel of Akatosh. He was surprised to learn that Emperor Uriel Septim was his father, but he will not leave until the way is safe for everyone to escape.

  • Update: After speaking to Matius again:

I need to help Savlian Matius break the siege of Kvatch.

  • Update: After breaking the siege of Kvatch:

I have rescued Martin from the Chapel of Akatosh. He was surprised to learn that Emperor Uriel Septim was his father, but has agreed to return to Weynon Priory with me to speak to Jauffre.

  • Update: Upon receiving the next goal:

I need to return to Weynon Priory with Martin and discuss our next move with Jauffre.

  • Quest complete


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  •  PC   PS3   If the "Breaking the Siege of Kvatch" quest has already been completed prior to this quest, Savlian Matius will offer no dialogue regarding Martin.
    • This objective is not needed, as the hero can just go back to the camp and meet Martin there.

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