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Findulain is a Bosmer that may be interacted with in the Shulk Egg Mine in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. He is seen during the Egg Poachers quest.


Egg PoachersEdit

After completing the Rat Hunt quest, talking to Eydis Fire-Eye will start the next quest. She mentions that a couple of ex-miners are stealing Kwama Eggs from the Shulk Egg Mine and that the mine's owner, Dram Bero, wants to make an example of them, insinuating that he wants them killed.

Gathering Scrib JellyEdit

Gathering Scrib Jelly is the fourth Lay Healer quest from Synnolian Tunifus in Morrowind. As the title suggests, the aim is to gather Scrib Jelly. Synnolian will also teach the Detect Creature spell free of charge for undertaking this quest.


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