Fine Raiment is a unique article of clothing in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim worn by Jarl Elisif the Fair.


The Fine Raiment can be obtained by using the Console command player.additem 000CEE76 X, whereas X is the desired quantity.



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  •  360   PS3   After "killing" Potema's Remains, quickly move over to the corpse and loot it. If not done fast enough, it will be unable to be done.
    • This does not seem to work with the latest patch, making the Fine Raiment unobtainable. (Confirmed)
    • A workaround for this is to use the Wabbajack. It has to be used twice. The first shot needs to transform her into an animal/dremora, and the second one must be an instant kill. Unlike the way mentioned above, the player doesn't need to quickly loot Potema's Remains. (tested on patch 1.9)


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