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Fire Mage
Fire Mage
Basic Info
Spells/Abilities Firebolt
Flame Cloak
ArmorIcon Robes of Destruction
Loot Robes of Destruction
Soul Size Black
TESV Voice Warlock

Fire Mages range in a variety of types from novice to master. They are mostly found in Nordic Tombs and Forts. They specialize in Fire Damage, a branch of the Destruction school.

Equipment and combatEdit

Fire Mages wear robes that increase the regeneration of Magicka. When forced into close-combat, or when their Magicka pool is completely drained, they use iron daggers or iron maces.

Fire Mages mainly use fire spells such as Firebolt and Fireball. Occasionally, they cast Flame Cloak to protect themselves from melee damage. Shock magic and shock enchanted weapons combats these mages magicka.


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