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The First Era, also called the First Age,[1] was a time period lasting 2920 years. This article is a chronological record of First Era events: from the founding of the Camoran Dynasty to the assassination of Emperor Reman Cyrodiil III.

First EraEdit

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  • Daggerfall defeats the Akaviri Invasion ("If Daggerfall had not spent its first thousand years preparing for the battles of the next thousand years, it is indeed conceivable that the Iliac Bay today might be Akaviri.")[2]

1st CenturyEdit

1E 0Edit

1E 20Edit

  • The earliest recordings of the Psijic Order is recorded, telling the tale of the renowned Breton sage and author Voernet, traveling to the Isle of Artaeum to meet with Iachesis, the Ritemaster of the Psijics.[6]

1E 68Edit

  • The last visit from Atmora to Tamriel occurs: two ships, largely laden with corpses.[7]

2nd CenturyEdit

1E 113Edit

  • Harald is born. He later becomes the first Nordic ruler.[8][9]

1E 139Edit

1E 140Edit

  • Skorm Snow-Strider finds Forelhost devoid of life, the cultists previously inhabiting the fortress having slit their own wrists or been poisoned. He loses half his men to poisoned water found within the monastery.[10]

1E 143Edit

  • King Harald conquers Skyrim, becoming Skyrim's first High King.[11]

1E 198Edit

3rd CenturyEdit

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1E 221Edit

1E 221+Edit

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1E 240Edit

1E 240+Edit

  • At some point after 1E 240, King Gellir becomes High King of Skyrim and conquers the weakened Dwemer city states across the land.[15]

1E 242Edit

1E 243Edit

1E 246Edit

1E 263Edit

  • Several Ayleid princes continue to rule, as vassals of the new Empress.[24] From here until 1E 498, Ayleids would continue to have minor influence, in what can be called the "Late Ayleid Period."

1E 266Edit

4th CenturyEdit

1E 340Edit

1E 355Edit

1E 358Edit

  • The Direnni Hegemony occurs, during which Skyrim loses significant amounts of land to the Direnni.[11]

1E 361Edit

  • Alessians gain control of the Empire, and enforce the Alessian Doctrines of Marukh throughout the Empire.[24][28]
  • Ayleid lordships are outlawed.[24]
  • Little resistance to this, and so most Ayleids simply left Cyrodiil, and many are absorbed into the native population of Elves in Valenwood.[24]

1E 369Edit

1E 376Edit

  • The traditional rule of Yokuda's emperors is overthrown. Each successive emperor, though they maintained the status of figurehead of the empire, had their powers very much reduced. Since then, 300 years of almost continuous civil war ensues between the Yokeda warlords, warrior monks and brigands, all fighting each other for land and power.[30]

1E 393Edit

5th CenturyEdit

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1E 420Edit

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